Sunday, May 2, 2010


Marty and I were at Public Glass in San Francisco on Saturday night. He was there to assist with demos. I was there to cheer lead and take pictures. For over two hours, I never turned off his camera. I took so many pictures the battery ran down. I then switched to my IPhone. I took maybe 200 pictures. Of those about 80 are any good. The pieces they made were very complicated and required at times 9 people working together. There was a lot of movement and people blocking what started as a great shot. Don't worry, I am not posting all of the pictures. I never got a shot together of all the workers, 8 men and 1 woman. And yes, most of the pictures will have Marty in them. He is my Honey.

Far left: Guido, Randy Strong facing, Rob's back, Ryan, and Marty. They are working on the plan of who will do what.
More planning. I also think this picture is funny with the arms and legs.
Marty at the glory hole.
That is not red glass, that is red hot glass.
Marty smoothing the glass with wooden blocks.
Six of the workers. John far left, Mark behind them.
Another worker , Flo. The only woman working last night.
Randy is twirling the pipe to stretch out the glass.
Marty is picking up color, John is minding the doors on the glory hole, Flo is waiting to work with the color also.
Marty and Guido smoothing out the glass.
This is the plan for the piece they are making. A rough shape, and list of color and the order it is to be picked up. The detail work happens as the piece comes together. All from Randy's head.
More team work.
Back to the glory hole. The piece must be kept at a constant temperature. Other wise it will cool too quickly and shatter.
Marty is helping a young woman who is doing a documentary on Randy. She and another woman have been filming and interviewing him, Marty, Randy's wife, me, and others who work with Randy.
Marty and others torching the piece as Randy shapes it.
The guy in the space suit (Rob) is catching the piece as it is knocked off the pipe. The piece is at about 1800 degrees. He will then carry it to the annealing oven for the controlled cooling period.

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