Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Grape Nehi thoughts and a recipe

When I was a little girl one special treat was Grape Nehi. If I had been a very good girl (which didn't happen often) I was allowed to have pop instead of milk to drink. And Grape Nehi was my favorite. It smelled like a vineyard,(of course I didn't know that then) it was fizzy, and it tasted like heaven. One of my best Christmas presents in recent years was from our son Erik. He gave me several bottles of Grape Nehi. I keep saying Grape because they had orange and other flavors. At one time Nehi outsold Coke and Pepsi. This was a fabulous grown up drink for a little girl. And then it sorta went away. I miss it. It is out there, but trouble to find.

Today, Debbie, the world's greatest manicurist, told me how to get the Grape Nehi fix. She had had a horrific day at work. She went home and was out of Vodka. She needed her martini, so off to the store she went. She picked up her Skyy Vodka and then saw Vodka infused flavors. There were bottles of infused orange, chocolate, cherry, and grape vodka. She bought several because at that point she said there wasn't enough vodka in the store to make her feel better. At home she opened the grape and flashed back to Grape Nehi. It was the exact same aroma, and taste. Her recipe for a nostalgic drink : one glass, some Club Soda, a little ice, and grape infused Skyy vodka. Heaven.



Debbie said...

OMG, thank you for making me famous on your sight Janet.....

Debbie said...

And if you haven't noticed I can't spell either....site!!!!!