Friday, August 31, 2012

Today was almost like real life.

Today I got up early (sometimes the bed hog is not worth fighting).  I drank my juice and took my pills.  Then into the swimsuit, hat, sunglasses, and tee shirt.  I did water exercises for 50 minutes. Then I cleaned up and dressed. 

Marty said we would go to 99 Ranch for crab later.  There were other errands to run.  After lunch we took off.  First stop the La Mesa Library.  What a gorgeous library.  We both got our cards and I checked out the first two books for my Northern California book group.  I will SKYPE them and join them every Tuesday night.

Then we were off to 99 Ranch.  We stopped at the buffet line and had a little snack.  Driving that 10 miles made us a little peckish.  While eating a couple next to us started talking to us.  He was Caucasian, she was Asian.  She told us she was surprised to see a Caucasian couple in the store.  We were the only one there.  She wanted to know how we found the store.  We told her we shop all the time in Oakland at 99 Ranch, so seemed normal to find one in San Diego.  We talked a while, got up to head to the live seafood and ran into them again.  We talked some more. 

I almost wish we had exchanged names and addresses.  They were fun to talk to.  Back to the crab,  too expensive.  It was $13.98 a pound, about $7 more than we are used to.  We had forgotten it has to be shipped from Northern California and Washington down south.  We then looked at the lobster, only $5.99 a pound.  Lobster it will be.

Then we went to a Mediterranean store for bread and butter.  I went to CVS to replace my dead curling iron.  Nothing there like my old one.  So tomorrow will be an adventure fixing my hair.

Now Marty is getting ready to cook the lobster.  I need to go fix a salad to go with it.  Salad, bread and butter, lobster and butter.  Doesn’t sound healthy, but does sound good.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A Little Closer to Normal

Today is the first day in months that I have not been grieving,  fretting about Papa Jack, cleaning out closets, donating stuff, having a yard sale, packing and shoving boxes, or unpacking and shoving boxes.  

We are in San Diego and unpacked.  Well, I am,  Marty is still working on setting up his “office area”.   We brought clothes for 2 seasons, food that will expire before we move back to the Bay Area, items that won’t fit in an apartment (these will be given to Richard and Luis, or Luis’ family), Marty’s work equipment and papers, and stuff that wouldn’t fit into the storage unit.  Richard and Luis just smile as we move in and take over their home.  They are the bestest friends ever.

The two of them have babied us, wine and dined us, comforted us.  They are very very special people.  We love them very much.

Before we left I had my annual physical.  Let us say Dr. J. was less than pleased with my weight and blood pressure.  Sunday I began water exercises.  With my bad knee, walking on land is out.  But in the water there is  less resistance and pain.  I also plan to eat healthier.  Notice I said plan.  I will try.  Besides the health issues, vanity comes into play.  As I packed clothes I looked at my smaller ones.  They are really pretty, and expensive.  I need to get down to them again.  I brought some with me as an incentive.

Doing nothing for a few days will be nice.  But I need to find something to occupy my time.  And I don’t mean cooking and cleaning.  But for now I sleep late, do my time in the pool, get dressed, read, eat, periodically do laundry, and sometimes cook.  Oh, and I take naps.  Yes naps is plural. 

We are both still very tired, physically and emotionally.  The last 2 years have been really hard.  It might take several more months to feel normal again, whatever that means. 


Monday, August 27, 2012

Even Joe has days with no interesting weddings

Joe sent this post to me several days ago.  With the move I just didn't get around to posting it.  Here he is trying to help me keep the blog going, and I just couldn't get the energy to do a copy paste.  Sorry Joe, and thanks for trying to help me.

Not much happening at the marriage factory this week, so, with Janet's
indulgence, I want to plug a play Sue & I helped sponsor at the Ashby
Stage in Berkeley, right across from the Ashby BART station.  The play
is PRECIOUS LITTLE by Madleine George, and it's being staged by
Shotgun Players.  Sue & I have been affiliated with Shotgun Players
since 2006, when I joined the board of directors.

A few years ago, we had a lucky break taxwise and found ourselves with
enough money to sponsor Jon Tracy's adaptation of the Iliad and the
Odyssey, the SALT plays IN THE WOUND
(  We enjoyed the
experience so much that we re-upped in 2011 for Mark Jackson's tale of
the first play in North America, GOD'S PLOT

(  Being able to
support adventurous original work and meet the absurdly talented
people who make it was such a pleasure.

When we got this season's schedule and Sue saw PRECIOUS LITTLE
(, it spoke to her, as
a play whose main character is a linguist is wont to do.  Can humans
connect to each other and the world around them?  Is language enough
to do that?  PRECIOUS LITTLE plumbs those questions via the journey of
a linguistics's researcher pregnant with her first child.

We'd seen several readings of the play during its development period,
but the actual production is another thing altogether - deeply moving
in a way only an intimate 3-person play can be.  The cast is three
amazing actors, working on a great set with perfect costumes and
lighting.  Sue & I see a lot of theater, most of it very good.  It's
rare that I'm left speechless (as those who know me will attest), but
PRECIOUS LITTLE left me at a loss for words and almost in tears.

Please see this play.
You can get tickets here:

Joe Mallon

Saturday, August 25, 2012

I thought I was tired Thursday

We did not get the house emptied out on Thursday as planned.  We did not leave for San Diego at 8:00 in the morning as planned.  We were back at the house packing, loading, cursing, crying all at the same time.  I won't go into the problems of getting everything out.  Just that it was hell.

Our realtor came by and helped pack, load, and he cleaned the house.  Love you Michael! We hit the interstate around 5:00, major rush hour traffic for about 70 miles.  Stop and go, bumper to bumper, a gazillion trucks.  Ugly driving.  Marty in the truck, me in the car.

Marty in a truck means he had to stop at weigh stations.  The first one he pulls off.  I went up the road and pulled onto the emergency lane.  I am texting Kirsten who wanted minute by minute reports that we were safe.  :)  Someone raps on the window, CHP.  "Are you all right Ma'am?"  I explained about Marty, thanked him for checking on me, and off he went.

The drive is about 500 miles.  Long boring miles through the Valley.  Nothing to really see. As it turned out it was not boring.  No one got sleepy, it was hard driving at 75 to 80 miles an hours and being worried about being run over because we were so slow.  Then there were trucks.  They get bored and play games with each other and poor innocent cars. We were on high alert.

Marty would call me, or I him, to check how things are going.  So we would be talking and some idiot would do something that ticked me off.  I would start yelling and cursing and Marty would think I was talking to him.  It kept us awake, strained the marriage, but kept us awake.

We then had one lane traffic for miles.  This is one of the highest volumes highway in the USA.  Guess what, it is busier at night than the daytime.

We finally come to the Grapevine.  When you get here you feel as if you have the trip nearly whipped.  Over this pass and drop into LA.  Can San Diego be far ahead.  Yes, it is.  Anyway.  You fly up the winding steep road and then fall off the mountains.  CAN YOU SAY CONSTRUCTION?  Marty is in the truck lane and I am behind him.  And it goes away, red cones for miles and miles and miles. Really, really slow.  To add to the gazillion trucks we now have tour buses.  HELP.  They are crazier that we are.  Bumper riding crazy idiots.

The driving is wearing us out.  But we are wide awake, so keep on.  New surprise in LA, rain.  It doesn't rain in the summer in California, well last night it did.  The rain and the construction added another hour to the drive.

We finally arrived at Richard's and Luis' at 3:10 in the morning.  That made it a 21 hour day.  Brutal labor and nerve wracking drive.  We are here, safe, and being pampered. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Tired, so very very tired

We have nearly emptied the house.  I have packed up so much.  I have thrown out a lot.  I have become ruthless.  The more tired I become, the faster I head for the wastebasket.  We aren't sleeping, we wake up thinking of all we have to do.  We ache, we hurt, we push on.  It has to be done.

Just to make things more fun, my bad knee has had a big relapse.  The doctor is using the S word:  surgery.  Luckily there wasn't time before we left for surgery and rehab.  So he said we would talk when we come back in December.  Today though a huge change, I could walk without major pain.  The knee is way better.  Keep your fingers crossed. 
We have a lot of stuff to take to San Diego. That will go on the truck in the morning.  We have a few things left to put in storage.  We will load that, drop it at the storage unit and then we head south.  This will be a long boring drive.  Marty in the truck, me following in the car.  No one to talk to.

Sorry so few posts lately.  Joe has sent me a post.  I will try to get that up later this weekend.  After we settle down in San Diego, I will start writing regularly.  Not sure what, but I will let you know how we are doing.  It is a beautiful area.  So I am sure I will have lots of pictures to show you.

My battery has warned me no time left, so I am done whether I want to be or not.


Monday, August 20, 2012

Throw it out! Don't save all that stuff!

We are still packing.  Pat has come three days to help.  Lisa came Saturday and packed anything that didn't move.  Her husband Todd has been here two days helping Marty and Erik move huge heavy furniture/boxes to the storage unit.  Monday Pat will be back and Kirsten is back in town and will come help pack. 

So much has been packed up.  So much left to do.  I have to call Waste Management Monday and ask them to not stop our service on Tuesday.  We need it extended another week.  We have so much to throw away.  I really think we need another bulk pickup.  We keep finding stuff that I thought we had gotten rid of:  an HO Train set, my great grandfather's ugly mantle clock, my grandmother's scrapbook. There is the stuff that isn't ours.  We found a brand new suitcase,  portable picnic tables, a camp stool, a fireman's ax.   Then we have tax records back to 1978, you only have to keep them 7 years. I shredded crap stuff for hours today.  Marty throws nothing away except clothing.

We have gotten rid of stuff for the last three moves.  But if you have storage you don't get rid of enough.  We have pictures, scrap books, high school and college yearbookd, baby clothes made by family members now gone.  I even have love letters from my father to my mother.  He died in 1954.
This time we have cleaned out a little better.  We better we have to pay for storage this time.

Young people, pay attention.  Don't save every thing, don't keep every paper from the sale of a house.  That house is gone, no longer yours.  You do not need all that paper work.  Then do you really want to keep all those notes from a business meeting? Is that program from a Rock Concert worth the space?  Why are you keeping that pressed rose?  Are all those books worth the space, donate them.   Be ruthless, weed out.  If you bring one thing into the house, take one thing out.  Trust me, when you are my age, you do not want to work this hard cleaning out a house. 

Marty and I have kept some very ridiculous sentimental things: the peignoir set from my wedding night, a Dixie cup covered in aluminum foil that looks like a bell that Erik made, Marty has kept books from church groups and an Atlas that was outdated in the 60's.   We have a rule if you cry, you can keep it.  Erik and Jennifer will have to throw out these items.  They won't mean anything to them and they can just toss them. 

So I repeat:  Do not keep everything.  If you don't have to keep it for the government, toss it.  If you haven't worn it in 6 months donate it.(this one Marty can do with no problem). 

Friday, August 17, 2012

Still Packing and Packing

Friend Pat has been helping me pack up the house.  Today was her third day here.  She is either a great friend, or totally nuts.  Maybe a little of both.  Pat keeps me on track. I have had a lot of trouble staying focused.  She keeps reminding me to get the tape gun, get the step stool, write down the box number and contents . . .

Pat loves empty shelves.  She throws open cabinet and closet doors and says, "What can I pack in here?  Do you really need all these glasses?  Let's pack these up, you and Marty just need one glass each.  Are you throwing a dinner party?  Get that china in the box." 

Today we packed 9 big plastic containers, and several book boxes and medium boxes.  We also sorted through the cedar chest.  It held 45 years of tablecloths, place mats, and napkins.  I did manage to get rid of some them. And then I found them. Things from Erik's childhood: baby book, little silver comb and brush, a silver rattle, silver diaper pins, part of his blankie, and his Robin costume that Granny made him.  Yes, I cried.  Then we laughed, who but a Southern Belle has sterling diaper pins?

Pat is coming back Monday to work with Kirsten and me on more packing.  I think she will be disappointed if friend Lisa (coming Saturday) and I get everything packed up.  I don't think there is any danger of that. Marty has to make some decisions tonight on many things.  Do we donate, throw it away, or pack it? Even if he throws stuff away, there is a lot we will still keep .  Lisa and I will be packing tomorrow. 

Monday, Kirsten, Pat, and I will still be packing.  We have stuff.

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

August 24 is getting closer and closer

Moving is awful.  It is emotional.  It is way too physical.  It hurts on every level. But our friends are taking care of us.

Our house closes on August 24.  That means we have to be out on the 23rd. We have so much stuff. We have cleaned out each of the last 2 moves and now this one.  Where did this stuff come from?  Does it breed in the storage under the house?

OR maybe neighbors put stuff under our house.  We keep finding things we have never owned.  For example: a camping stool, we do not camp, we hotel;  three portable picnic tables, they fold up like card tables; a fireman's ax; a huge suitcase; yard tools. Where did this all come from?

Today was our free bulk pick up.  We had so much stuff up on the parking pad.  I was afraid they wouldn't take it.  Waste Management is picky about what they will take.  We heard the truck stop and we jumped out of bed, lowered the shade, and watched them load the trucks.  Would they take it all?  Please take it all!  Yes, everything was legal!  The parking pad again has cars on it. 

We spent the weekend packing.  Marty borrowed Big Blue, a huge huge pick up, from friends Frank and Janet.  Marty moved boxes to the storage unit.  Friend Pat helped me sort through Christmas ornaments and decorations.  She would unpack it, I would then decide if it needed to be thrown away, go to consignment, or keep.  The decision to keep was easy.  If I cried, she re wrapped it and put it in the keep box.

Then we moved on to wine glasses.  Three boxes later, not done with wine glasses.  She is taking me to lunch today, and then back here and packing more wine glasses.

Marty and I took 9 boxes of ornaments and decorations to the consignment shop.  They do not accept Christmas items until September.  I had said I would bring the items in the first week of September.  Well the house sold so quickly, we couldn't wait until September.  The owner very graciously broke her rule to help us out. 

People have been so kind helping us.  Having us to dinner. Friends are great.

Guest Blogger Joe and his wife took us to dinner Saturday.  Fabulous food.

Our son has set up and torn down two yards sales. He chatted up the customers.  He worked like a dog.  He is coming Saturday to move furniture.

Paul has packed art glass and going to store it for us too.  Plus when the kitchen is packed up this weekend we will stay at his house. 

Pat I have mentioned above.  She is great on stopping me from going in circles. I just get over whelmed. 

Kirsten sends love and hugs from work or  England even Wine Country, drops by to give hugs, and will be packing Monday.  She, Karl, Frank, and Janet are having us to dinner Monday night. We will take Big Blue back but will borrow it again from Frank and Janet.

Yesterday four of the clerks at the Marriage Factory took me to lunch.  We had a great time.  They are so worried I am not coming back from San Diego.  They worry and then one of them cried.  So I cried too.

Saturday night we are going to Ben and Dan's for dinner. 

The love and help has been so touching.  Lots of email, Facebook love.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

And a few words from Joe

I have been packing away for our move all week.  It has been hard to keep up with blogging.  It has been hard to do anything.  Wonderful Joe has given us his thoughts on the weddings on Friday.  Thank you, thank you, Joe.

An average day at the marriage factory - one or two typos, a few crying brides, and a couple folks struggling with cameras.

A lot of couples are surprised at how nice the wedding room is.  I think they expect a bureaucratic office with beige walls and a plain desk and file cabinet - which is exactly what the clerk's office is.

The room itself if very warm and inviting, with rich wood pew-like benches, a lovely carved podium and wall-high folky tapestries.  There is also a lovely garden arch woven with plastic vines and flowers.  Couples can imagine they're being married in a bower.

Two couples had restless kids this week.  That wouldn't be so bad if the benches didn't resound so when kicked and weren't so smooth the kids can slide back and forth across them.  I get it, though.  A
wedding is very boring if you're 8 or 9 and not a part of it.  Still, can't they sit still for 10 minutes?  I used to be annoyed when parents would give a child a handheld video game to keep him
distracted.  Now I think the county should invest in a couple, for the sake of peace. (love this thought, Joe)

I don't like posing for pictures in real life.  Since I donned the robe, I would guess I've been in more than 500.  The secret to looking good in a picture is to stare directly at the lens, not at the person
taking the picture.  When there are multiple cameras, swivel your head from camera to camera as best you can.

Anyone who thinks that easy photo-sharing will reduce the number of people who want to take
pictures at an event is naive.  Now that everyone can be a photographer, everyone wants to be a photographer.

Fashion time: The bride wore a leopard-print knee-high dress with jet-black hair and red lipstick - totally worked.

Joe Mallon

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some Rules Need to be Broken

Wednesday was really slow at the Marriage Factory. I sat for an hour and a half, nothing.  I was falling asleep.  So I went out to bother staff, the deli people, just walk around. 

I saw the family come in the door.  Dad in a white shirt and blue slacks.  Mom in a white satin sheath.  It had layers of flat satin about 2 inches wide on a slant from shoulder to the knees.  She had rhinestone earrings and a drop necklace.  The guests were dressed up .  Everyone was respecting the occasion.  And then I saw the little girls.

Two little ones, 4 and 6 years old.  White dresses, white ruffled socks, white Mary Janes.  Each dress was trimmed in a bright color.  They had head bands in the bright colors.  I told one of the Deli workers I hoped they spoke English, I wanted this wedding.  And they did!!!!!!!!!

The wedding was lovely.  The little girls stood by their respective parent.  The girls got tired toward the end and sat on the floor.  The dresses were puffed out around them.  It was lovely to look at.

I have a rule, I do not take pictures of the weddings for my blog.  It seems an invasion of their privacy.  But I asked if I could take a picture of the girls, and I would not show their faces.  The parents said yes.  They seemed so pleased I wanted to take the pictures.


The overskirt is tulle that is folded and comes back up to the waist.  It makes a pocket for the silk petals.  The top and the under skirt are of a satin like material.  The sashes and the petals are removable and the colors/items can be changed.  Be sure to click to see this larger.  It is well worth the click.


The girls loved their dresses.  They swayed and the petals moved around.  The little girl in orange held the overskirt up and watched the petals slide around.  They were so cute.

His daughter, her daughter, and they already felt like a family.  The girls held hands.  The oldest leaned over to me and whispered to me, “I’m going to be in the first grade.”  She was so proud of herself.

I fell in love with this family.  Not just the couple and their girls.  Her mother, aunts, his father.  They stole my heart.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Why we continue to have a regular guest blogger

Today we are again enjoying guest blogger Joe.  Joe has agreed to blog regularly about the Marriage Factory for me.  Marty and I are entering a new phase of our life.  We have sold our house.  We are now packing up, selling, donating, and putting out a bulk pick up of all our worldly goods. On August 24, we leave the Bay Area and head to Southern California.

We will be living in Le Mesa, CA for 3 months.  Wonderful, loving friends have said come and stay with us: relax, calm down, take time to figure out the rest of your life.  La Mesa is just outside San Diego, CA, a great beautiful city.  Then we will come back to the San Fransisco area and find a place that has no steps or has an elevator.  Oh, it must be pretty inexpensive too.

I know most of you want to read about weddings.  Joe has agreed to post every now and then about the weddings he does.  You will get your wedding fix.  I will sit around the pool and miss doing weddings.

I will post about our life as the house guests who will not leave.  We plan to visit museums, cook some great meals, read a lot of great books, and have a nervous breakdown.  The last three years have been hell.  During those three months we will plan out the next phase of our life.  Seniors living on a fixed income, and still having a good life, that is our plan.

Joe, you are on:

This week was another busy one at the marriage factory.  Miss Janet already described the media swarm that engulfed our little office a couple weeks ago.

The only anecdote I can add is the couple who had attended the same high school years ago.  The bride had asked the groom to the prom and he had declined.  To make matters better/worse, he did not remember that until a friend of the soon-to-be bride brought it to his attention - after the couple had started dating for a while.  Luckily, the bride had a good sense of humor, and the groom certainly seemed to regret his earlier decision.

There was a couple with a large party waiting when the doors opened. I hadn't arrived; luckily, we have an enthusiastic intern who loves doing weddings.  From then on, the couples kept coming.

Some highlights:
The couple was in their 60s and their ceremony was in Spanish.  They were so in love they began kissing before the vows were done.  No worries about those two.

The bride and groom were 30 years apart in age.  He was dapper in a pin-stripe suit and she lovely in a purple dress.  She was trembling throughout the ceremony, and couldn't wait to hug her new husband.

Since Janet occasionally focuses on fashion, I will do the same.  The bride wore a STAR WARS T-shirt pattern on a mini dress, even though she was born after RETURN OF THE JEDI came out.  No one mentioned it.  She also had a flower in her hair.  Coolest thing ever.
Joe Mallon

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Wedding stories part 2

I have lots of stories, again from the last couple of weeks.  Here are a few of them, some are happy, we had errors, we had just happy people getting married.

The bride was heavily pregnant, due in less than a week.  She was glowing with love and happiness.  He adored her.  But this woman was in that awful last week of pregnancy, swollen, tired, and ready to have that baby.

I was going to marry babies, the bride was 18 and one week.  The groom was 19.  Lots of family and lots of excitement.  The bride had taken a satin long white dress and added some personal touches to make it her own.  Her dress had good quality satin and was a basic sheath with spaghetti straps.  It was very low cut.  She added a white knit insert to cover up a little.  She make a satin shrug with cap sleeves.  And on the back she added flowing chiffon.  The dress was very simple and elegant at the same time.

The groom was born in 1949 and the bride was born in 1961.  They wanted the ceremony for people in a long term relationship.  Their granddaughter was the witness.  She was so excited for them.  The couple was very moved by the ceremony.  There was love in the room.

Usually the bride is the one who is vain.  Not this time, the groom wouldn't wear his glasses during the ceremony. The man needed his glasses to just walk around.  When he tried to put the ring on the bride's finger, we were all laughing.  He kept backing up to see where her finger was.  He finally got the ring on. 

This last couple was annoying. I was tired (this moving thing is making me nuts and very tired and cranky) and I let them make me snap at them.  I checked the license, and both places where it said mother's birth name we had married names.  It was possible both mothers had the same last names as their husband, but I doubted it. 

I found them and asked if that was the birth names.  No, they had written down birth and married names.  I said we would have to reprint since they had put the married names.  The groom snippily said, "Well! I wish they had told us birth name only."  His tone was rude and hit me wrong.  I snapped, pointed to the words Birth Name and said in my school teaching voice, "Darling, (I am a Southern Belle) it says Birth Name."  He backed off.  He then said he was just too excited to bother reading the license carefully.  I calmed down too.  But it just kept getting worse.

I always have the camera people take test shots.  The witness, bride, and groom have no idea how to operate the camera.  They had just bought it.  They can't find the shutter button.  I took the camera and found the button, showed the witness what to push, and how to use the zoom in/out button. Don't you find it scary that moi, who is useless with tech stuff was showing them how to use a camera?

The bride never once looked at the groom during the ceremony.  She was making duck faces and posing for the pictures.  Also the three of them talked to each other throughout the ceremony.  Really? During the ring ceremony you are talking about how to pose. This couple was in their late 30's, not 18.  They should have known better.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Wedding stories part 1

We have little boys helping, errors, good feeing ceremonies.  There is much to write about.  This will need to be a two parter.  So much is going on in our life that I am following behind on blogging.  And that alone will be a blog.

 I often take up couples to Marriage Clerk D for Spanish ceremonies.  Sometimes no one speaks English and they have no idea what I am trying to tell them.   I called the names of the couple, they came up, and I asked if they spoke English.  No.  Anyone here speak English?  No.  But then a little boy, about 6 years old, said, “I do.”  Then his big brother, around 10 years old. said, “No, I’ll do it.  Rather than have a fight, I let them both explain our game plan.  Both boys did a fine job translating.

You all know how we reprint when we find errors.  Sometimes we reprint several times.  Each person who handles the license might find another error.  One clerk was really efficient.  She brought me the licenses, yes plural.  The original one had been marked on and they used white out to cover it up.  You all know the state would never take that.  In her heart she knew that because she  printed out another license.  I knew Marriage Desk Clerk D would never take the first one.  But I took it up anyway so we could laugh together.

Now this couple and their guests gave me grief over the reprinting.  The groom got in my face and was interrogating me about “what errors”.  They had filled in the license perfectly.  I explained and he backed off. 

They had 20+ guests and none of them shut up during the ceremony.  Even  the bride and groom talked to guests during the ceremony.   Since it was such a loud mess and no one seemed interested, I edited the ceremony.  Just did basics, no big long pretty speeches for the rude ones.  There was no love in the room for this ceremony.

After everything is signed I told them I would get the two certified copies they had paid for.  As D is stamping them, one of the guests came into the office and curtly told us they had paid for two not just one license.  Didn’t I just say that was what I was getting?

Let’s end on a happy happy note.  The groom was born in 1932.  The bride was born in 1941.  They did not begin to look that old.  Both of they looked 10 years younger than their ages.  This couple was so in love, so happy, and so emotional.  The groom cried and had a hard time saying his vows.  We made it through and there was great happiness.  Oh, they have been together over 21 years.