Monday, October 27, 2008

I think I need to explain the name of my blog. I marry couples at the Alameda County Recorder's building. I have the beginnings of their stories, I marry them. And then they walk out the door. I never will know if they are happy, if the ones who have been married 8 times will make it. I don't know if the marry for immigration couples get caught and someone gets deported. I have beginnings, no endings.

Today from 1:20 until 4:40 I performed 10 weddings. For the day 37 weddings were performed. Most of the weddings were same sex marriages. In one week we will have an election that will decide again if same sex marriage is legal. Because of this, couples are rushing to marry in case this civil right is taken away from them.

This blog will be about what is going on in my life. It may be about cooking supper, going to the grocery, or working with my first graders. I may share recipes, vent about the rude people in line at the store, or tell you about some weird TV show. This is a senior citizen's life. Some days are great, some not so great.

To close, one story. Yesterday my husband, Marty, and I attended a brunch. This brunch lasted 9 hours. We may be senior citizens but we still know how to party. Three couples, each bringing wine and part of the meal. The food was spectacular, the wines were outstanding, and the company great. But the best part of this brunch, we carved pumpkins. We had battery operated knives, little knives, and wine. AND did I mention there were prizes. This group is like family. But we cheated, bad mouthed each other, there were prizes involved. Bribes were offered to the judge, we sweet talked the judges, and we bad mouthed the judges. Did I mention there were prizes? This was fun. Good clean childish fun. And it made a perfect Sunday afternoon. Oh, Marty and I won Campiest Jack O Lantern. We got a prize.


Anonymous said...

I've never actually said this before, but, "FIRST POST!"

Anyway, now it looks liek I'm goign to have to show you how to set up a Photobucket account, so that you can link to all the pictures that I know were taken.

I cna almost hear the, "Just one more pumpies!"

Janet Rudolph said...

Marryin' Janet,that's you!
Love your new blog.
Post the photo of the winning pumpkin for all to see.

dsabosky said...

Didn't the people of Calif. already vote on that issue? The Calif 9th court choose to ignore the vote and allowed the marriages anyway. WHY vote again? There are friends in high places.

Good start to what I hope proves to be a greeeeeeat BLOG.

kts said...

I am so excited and delighted that you are writing! I look forward to being able to say "I knew her when..."
Love kts