Thursday, June 28, 2012

Every Bride Cried

Monday I sat for an hour and waited for someone who wanted get married. Where were the love birds?  Be careful what you wish for.  Between 2:00 and 4:25 I did 8 weddings.  Every bride was emotional and cried.

The first couple was interesting.  They were really sweet.  But they had an out of control toddler.  Screaming, running around, trying to climb the support beam, he was a perfect ad for birth control.  Mom was  extremely well endowed in the bosom department.  But she didn’t have on a bra. She did have on a draped, low cut top.  When she bent over or when the toddler grabbed the top, we had a nip slip.  Charming.  Dad was a handsome African American young man.  He smiled and I nearly died.  He had a mouth full of gold grill. 

I had one couple who had bought their license in another county.  That means if I find errors, we can’t correct them.  We also can’t record the license.  We have to mail it back to the county where it was bought.  So this license had a problem.  I did the ceremony, explained all of the above, and told the bride how to begin the process of changing her name.  She said, “I’m not changing my name.”  But she had given the original clerk her name choice.  It is on the license, I did the ceremony, her name is changed. 

She was upset, “they told me to put it down and I could decide later.”  I told her that now it would take a court order to go back to her original name.  I am sure the clerk in the other county did not tell her she could decide later.  This law has been in effect for a couple of years.  People do not listen, and do not read the license when asked to.

Another license had an error.  Bad me, I did not find it until the only witness signed.  I looked below her name at the place for a second witness (not required but couples are allowed two) no name but an address.  The witness was a volunteer from the lobby and really needed to leave.  If we had to reprint to remove the address, she would be held up and be late for an appointment.  I raced to the Marriage Desk Clerk, and explained all.  She said the magic words, “ I can fix it, no need to reprint.”

As I said, all the brides cried.  Mostly from nerves, excitement, and emotion.  But one bride did not want to be there. I am sure it was an arranged marriage, they were both Pakistani.  He was from California, she was from England.  She stood with her arms wrapped around herself with the saddest expression on her face.  He answered the questions, even when I tried to talk to her.  They walked up to stand under the arch.  One of the guests called to the groom for help with a camera. 

He walked away and I asked her if she really wanted to marry.  She shrugged her shoulders and just stood there.  During the ceremony she stood away from him and wouldn’t touch him.  After the ceremony everyone, except the bride, was celebrating.

This was my last wedding of the day.  I left them with the Marriage Desk Clerk and went downstairs.  Marty was waiting out front so I gathered my stuff and left.  The groom and all the guests were in the lobby laughing and talking.  The bride was outside, alone, sitting on the planter wall.  I nearly cried when I saw her.


Marty and I have our house on the market.  We need to downsize and to have a one floor home.  The first showing was last night, as we were getting it ready for the Broker's Tour today.  That tour will begin at 10:00.

The website for the house is here.   If you know anyone who wants to live in the lovely area of Rockridge in Oakland California, contact our Realtor.  All the info is on the website.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

This Time He Cooked Pho

Sunday Marty gathered his ingredients for Pho.  My Asian friends have tried to teach me to pronounce it.  The closest I get to it is fa, rhymes with Pa, Ma.  Even if we can’t say it correctly, we like to eat it.


This time he used the recipe from the box of broth.  Usually he makes his own broth, but wanted to try this.  I think his is better.


Rice noodles and the broth.


Rice noodles going in the water.


Noodles cooking.


Broth with secret ingredients, unless you read the recipe on the box, then not so secret.  Of course knowing Marty, the recipe is only a starting point.


Broth with noodles, raw thinly sliced beef to drop in to cook, basil, cilantro, jalapenos, and bean sprouts.


Just a different angle of the table.

This was  really good.  Unfortunately Monday night Marty was all done cooking.  I had to fix supper.  We had curried chicken and lots of toppings.  No one took pictures of me cooking.  So you will have to imagine what a gorgeous plate of food I put out.

Monday, June 25, 2012

More Cooking

If I keep posting cooking pictures, I may have to change the name of the blog.  I do have endings for the food.  We eat it, all of it.

Saturday, Marty went out to run errands.  He came home with live Dungeness Crab.  He threw them in a big pot, steamed them, and we then picked them. 


He picks the claws and I pick the bodies. 

After we got all the meat out, we had to decide how to fix it.   After much discussion . . .


Marty made crab cakes.  I made a Remoulade Sauce to go with them.  The crab cakes are made mainly from the meat of the bodies.  He served the claws whole.


A close up of one plate.  Lemons are from our tree.  The crab cakes had no filler, all luscious meat. 

This was a great Saturday night meal.  Not boring.  And again we were working together in the kitchen.  Even both of us cleaned up the kitchen. 

Hope you like the cooking side of our life.  The next blog is Pho. 

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Such a Yummy Dinner

I love to cook.  BUT, I get real tired of every day cooking.  I have been making some of the same dishes for 45 years.  So every now and then I think, what’s new for supper. 

We love breakfast for supper.  Fried eggs or scrambled, with bacon or sausage, toast and jam, and potatoes fried in some unhealthy way. Usually with bacon grease, heaven on a fork.  All that with a big glass of milk is great.  But even that gets boring.  Still tastes good, but boring to cook.

I read recipes for entertainment.  Recently I have seen lots of foods cooked in muffin tins lined with bread, bacon, prosciutto, or ham.  Pig is always good.  What could I do?  I had prosciutto in the freezer and lots of eggs.  I told Marty what I was going to do.  He said if I wanted him to, he would make a Béarnaise sauce and fry up some potatoes.  Hell yes I wanted him to.  Fun in the kitchen, both of us creating.

I sprayed the muffin cups with Pam.  Next I lined the muffin tins with prosciutto up to the top of the cups.  Not as easy as that sounds.  It’s like working with cheap plastic wrap.  The prosciutto collapsed onto itself.  There was no getting it straightened out.  So I did what all cooks do with an error, I destroyed the evidence.  I ate it.

I got the hang of the prosciutto and lined the cups.  I then, one at a time, broke eggs into a little pitcher.  I carefully poured an egg into each cup.  I peppered them.  No salt because prosciutto is really salty. This was baked at 375 degrees for a little too long.  The whites looked runny and we left it in for 30 minutes.  I think 25 would have been better.  I like runny eggs and these were more of a firm yolk.

While I was doing that, Marty was working on potatoes and Béarnaise sauce.  (I did help stir the sauce) We toasted bread, cut it into circles.  That went on the plate first, the eggs were placed on the toast and the sauce was poured over them, and lastly the potatoes went on the side. 


Building the meal.  Toast down, egg cups on top.


Béarnaise sauce pouring onto egg cup two.


Second plate of egg cups getting their Béarnaise sauce.


Ready for the taste test.


Smell wonderful, and yes, it was yummy.

When we do this again, I will cook the eggs a shorter time.  And I will make Marty pour more of the Béarnaise Sauce on the eggs.  I make a great Béarnaise Sauce, but I think his topped mine.  I just wanted to eat the sauce.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Back to the Marriage Factory

Wednesday at the Marriage Factory was one of my first outings after my Mother died.  It wasn’t that I felt I should sit home and live quietly for a while.  I just kept  bursting into tears.  But Wednesday I had it together and was ready to do weddings.

The first couple the groom was from West Virginia.  He was thrilled to have a Southern Lady from Kentucky doing the ceremony.  We talked about the Hatfield and McCoy feud, and that we probably were cousins 10 times removed.  The bride was a large plus size woman.  Her tunic top was low cut and she didn’t have a bra on.  Her breasts sagged to her waist.

For some reason Wednesday, we couldn’t find commissioners to do Spanish weddings.  At first if was their lunch time, and then the rest of the day, they weren’t answering their phones.  Finally they tracked down a translator and I did the Spanish ceremonies.  One problem with that, the translator forgot to explain to one couple the paperwork.  So I did hand motions and got them downstairs to record their marriage license.  I had to ask a bilingual clerk to explain to the couple what we were doing.

I love reading the licenses and seeing the information about divorces.  The next groom’s divorce was two days old.  Wish I knew the story behind that.  The bride had written out an almost prayer to bless their marriage and to bring her two daughters into the marriage. They asked me to read it before I started the ceremony. It was lovely.

Couple number five were cute and very relaxed.  Maybe they had had some help to be that relaxed.  He wore a long sleeved gray shirt and gray slacks with pointy toed cowboy boots.  He also had clip on suspenders.  Now that is just wrong, no one but little children wear clip ons.  His bride wore a black squared neck slip dress. The dress fit her perfectly, the back had several darts that pulled it in to her body tightly, but not too tight.  The hemline had a couple of inches of black lace.  And on her feet, cowboy boots.

The last couple arrived in this.
limo 3 - Copy
This was the longest stretch limo I have ever seen.  The whole family arrived in it.

The bride wore a creamy square necked dress with spaghetti straps.  It was a lined gauzy material that fell to the floor.  She carried pink roses.  The groom wore a white Hawaiian style shirt with a Kukui nut necklace and a pink rose boutonniere. 

Marty was across the street waiting for me when the limo pulled up to pick the family up.  He grabbed his Iphone and snapped away.

limo 2
Loading the limo up.  The groom is at the door of the limo.

More of the family loading in. 

I was lucky Marty was sitting there when the limo pulled up and the family came out.  He knew I would want pictures. 

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh you all are going to love this.

I just received a response to one of my apartment listing emails.  Perfect timing to go with the blog of a couple of hours ago.  I really only asked for a viewing to just see which scammer this one was.

Read it and enjoy.  Everything down to the questions was one big paragraph.  I put breaks in so it is easier to read.   Just how stupid do they think we are?

Re: $1000 / 3br - 1100ft² - 3BR/1BA Apartment,1515 Sunnyvale Ave, Walnut Creek, CA (walnut creek)

Hello Dear,

!!!!It is a great pleasure that  you are interested in my apartment... Thanks for your email and it is my gladness  hearing from you. we are the owner of the  apartment you are making inquiry of.I am looking for responsible tenants that he/she is going to take care of the apartment as if it were your own and he/she will be willing to make the Property clean as we left it. Actually I  resided in the apartment with my family,such as my wife and my only daughter before and presently we had packed due to my transfer from my working place and now situated in the (West Africa Nigeria)and won't be coming to the apartment until Five years now and that means we are renting the Property  for long term and short term lease is also acceptable. and presently my apartment is still available for rent for $1000 including the utilities like  Heat, A/C in wall/window, Hydro, cable, Garbage Disposal, Fireplace , Fridge,stove, Dishwasher, Dryer, Breakfast Bar, Dining Table and Sofa Set,Refrigerator,Canopied deck overlooking nature.,internet access e..t.c .,

We came to West Africa under (WHO) World Health Organization(WHO).. WHO is the directing and coordinating authority for health within the United Nations system. It is responsible for providing leadership on global health matters, shaping the health research agenda, setting norms and standards, articulating evidence-based policy options, providing technical support to countries and monitoring and assessing health trends.Visit our website for more information if you also want to make an impact to the world.

I hope you will promise me to take very good care of the apartment.. The apartment is very big and nice and it is in a nice area I have received many proposals today for my property.So i hope you will promise us that you will  take very good care of the apartment. So get back to me if you know you could take care of our apartment or perhaps experience you have in renting apartment.Hope you are okay with the price of $1000 per month .


PLEASE NOTE: You would not be able to see the inside of the apartment because the keys and documents of the apartment are with me here in Nigeria, you can only go by and view it from the exterior/surroundings, i would have really love to handle the keys and docs to someone in the state like relatives/friends but i don't have anybody there right now and i could have handle it to an agent to deal with with prospective tenant in person but he might want to handle the property professionally and the tenant might not want to reason along with the agent at the end and i wouldn't like such to happen to my tenant so i have to bring the necessary keys/docs along with me to Nigeria and i will be available dealing with my interested occupant who is ready to rent this place. The house It's located in a convenient, conducive, safe and great location. It's a place to call a home, I PROMISE...

Heating features: Central, Electric Source
Status: Active & Available Now
Pets Welcome
Parking Available

Please if you are ready now to occupy the house kindly provide the rental information below for record purpose.


(1)Your Full Name?
(2)Your Present Full Address?
(3)Contact Phone Number to Reach You:
(5)Marital Status:
(7)Date Of Birth:
(8)Do you have a pet?
(9)Do you have a car?
(11)What do you do for a living?
(12)Short or Long Term lease:
(13)How many people will be living in the house?
(14)Your Move In Date?
(15)Your Move Out Date?
(16)Pictures of Occupant: Optional
(17)Copy of Photo ID: Optional

If you are interested in this rent, you can fill out the rental application form above and get back to me with all your details so that i can have it in file in-case of issuing the receipt in your name and contacting you. Please am doing this based on trust and again i want you to stick to your words, i am putting everything into Gods hand, please do not let me down on this property of mine and God bless you more as you do this...

Looking forward to read from you

It is a bad, rude, wicked world

We are apartment hunting.  We have steps, lots of steps. Steps in the house, steps up to the street, steps to the parking pad, steps down to the back of the house.  STEPS! We have bad knees and bad feet.  We have aging hips.  These do not go with steps. So a need to move.

I have been on Craigslist every day, several times a day for weeks.  I send emails asking to view, no response.  I call managers, listing agents, and owners, the majority don't respond.  Rude, Miss Manners would have something to say about them. 

The pictures in the listing will be lovely, then you google the address. When you zoom in, you can see the bars on the windows and doors. Tough neighborhoods.  Not an area a nice chicken hearted senior citizen would last in.  I would have to give the kids on the corner my lunch money.

I did get quick responses back from a few listings.  Nice area, square footage I want, in our price range.  The emails would tell me the owner was working overseas in England, Germany, Ireland, South Africa for the next 5 years.  They had moved and accidentally brought the keys with them.  If I would send them 3 months rent, the security deposit, my social security number, and a picture; they would send me the keys and the apartment was mine.  Well, you just know Marty and I couldn't get the money in the mail fast enough. The sad truth is people are falling for this scam.  I have received emails back more than once with the very same message.

Some of the listings are so funny. Sidebar:  Oakland is on the San Francisco Bay.  Most view homes are up in the hills.  We call the water views South Bay, North Bay, Golden Gate View.  Downtown Oakland has some lovely apartments, that start at 500 square feet and are very expensive, say starting at $2200 a month.   Downtown Oakland is in the flats, not up in the hills.  So there is a listing that says 

$925  2 br 2 ba, Italian palace   1250 square feet   Intercoastal views. Gorgeous pictures were posted of every room.  It then gave a street address.

Too cheap for the size and area. The pictures for sure came from Architectural Digest. That street listed, no way you could see the Bay from there. Guess what, we don't use the term intercoastal here, that is more Florida, South Carolina, or Georgia.  It did make me laugh out loud.

I will continue to search for a new home. 

Friday, June 15, 2012

Thin White Dress Alert!

Last week on Wednesday I performed 5 wedding ceremonies.  And as always,  every wedding had something different to remember.

The first couple were older, the groom was 65 and the bride was 59.  It started  off well.  The couple was sweet, very tender toward each other and then it went nutso.  During the ceremony the groom starting rolling his eyes until only the whites showed.  He was swaying.  I thought he was going to pass out.  No, she wasn’t concerned, she kept smiling at him.  he smiled at her.  Then the whites of the eyes were back.  He was flat out weird and scary looking.  He would totally shut his eyes and then they would pop open, to all white.  Zombie??

The next couple were in there 50s.  This is not PC, but he looked like a gypsy.  He was from Eastern Europe.  He was swarthy and had long dark hair in a ponytail. He was dressed well in a black suit and a lavender rose in the lapel.  She wore a gorgeous dark burgundy lace dress that matched the color of her hair.  She carried lavender roses and had roses in her hair.  This couple was very emotional, they both cried during the ceremony.

The third couple was strange.  I did not think they even wanted to be in the same room.  They seemed so unhappy and they stood way far apart.  No smiles, no touching, no happiness.   The Marriage Desk Clerk told me later they were smiling and seemed happy.  I hope so.

Group four, and it was a group, close to 30 people.  It was like herding cats.  They had taken over the lobby and were having a loud fun party as they waited.  I kept trying to give instructions of where to go for the ones waiting for the next elevator.  They just kept talking.  Eventually everyone showed up in the Wedding Room. 

Then I totally lost control, all the women suddenly had to go to the bathroom.  The men were making phone calls, and the groom was posing for pictures.  When I finally got all of them in the room again, I used that stern school teacher loud voice of mine.  I told them, “From now on only I am allowed to talk.  So listen and I will tell you what we are going to do”.  And they all got quiet and listened.

I looked at the groom, he is still posing for pictures as I talked. Then I really looked at the bride and had to bite my cheek.  Thin white dress, no slip and her underpants’ seams showed.  Such a thin dress.  But none of that mattered.  This couple was in love, they had their families with them, and we had a wedding.

My last couple were in there late 60s.  Very tender with each other.  Their witness asked if she could read something before the ceremony.  I said yes and she began to read.  It was a legend about a Native American woman and the Coyote.  The woman was a weaver and made beautiful clothes.  Everyone wanted to win her for his wife.  She didn’t want anyone.  Then the coyote courted her and won her heart.  The legend told of their coyotes babies and then he takes her to his den and shows her his wonderful home.  And they lived happily ever after.  It was such a sweet loving story and a great beginning to the wedding ceremony. 

I only wished I had asked the name of the book.  I would love to read the legends.  I will have to do some research and find Native American legends.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Grand Lady is gone.

My mother passed away today.  She has been ill since February and also in April fell and broke a leg.  She was 95 years old going on 16.

Anna French Edwards Triplett Hollin enjoyed life.  Last Fall she was still tailgating at the University of Kentucky football games.  Mother loved to eat out.  She always had fun at  parties, and for years was the designated driver.

She always wanted people around her.  She said it was because she was a twin and was used to having someone with from the time of the womb.  Neighbors would come watch her wash the floor and talk to her.  In her later years a neighbor would come and work crossword puzzles in the morning.

Mother was widowed when she was around 35 years old.   I was 10, my sister was 13, and my brother was 7.  Not a good time.  When I was in high school she met Jack Hollin.  And they eloped when I was a freshman in college. In February they celebrated 50 years of marriage.  Oh, the kicker, Papa Jack is nearly 20 years younger than her.  Let me tell you the little mountain town we lived in was horrified.  The doctor’s widow has married a much younger man.  We didn’t care, we loved Jack, and so did my Daddy’s family.   Anna was the original Cougar.  A gorgeous redhead who could have who ever she wanted.  And she wanted Jack.

Anna is known for good works.  She helped friends of mine get into college.  Which I didn’t know until the last year or so.  She helped a pregnant classmate in 1960 who the town shunned.  Anna took classmates of mine to away ballgames.  She paid for their food, knowing some of them had no money to spare.   In her 70’s she was a Councilwoman for the little town she and Jack lived in. 

There are lots of stories to tell.  Anna wasn’t perfect.  She drove her children crazy at times.  As we did her.  Just teaching my sister to drive literally gave her ulcers.  Then my turn to learn, flared up the ulcers.  I think Jack taught Henry to drive.


Mother and Papa Jack at their 50th anniversary celebration.

Rolex April 30,2011 274

Mother’s 94th birthday.

1983-Jack and Anna001

1983 Mother and Papa Jack

1985-Jack and Anna003

1985 Mother and Papa Jack


Mother, friends and family tailgating at a  U of K football game sometime in the last 5 years.

-Jack and Anna001

Mother and Papa Jack and his sisters sometimes in the early 1970’s.

I have so many pictures of Mother and Papa Jack.  Weddings, family reunions, with their grandchildren and great grandchildren.  What I put up is a broad picture of my Mother’s life.  She was loved, she was fun, she was strong willed, and she will be missed.

Mother, you had a hell of a life.  Sad times, good times, great times.  Rest in peace.

Monday, June 11, 2012

The Tempest

Until last Friday I had not seen the Tempest since 1959 or 60.  My grandmother and I watched it together on TV.  It probably was shown by Hallmark Theater.   Her TV was a 12 inch black and white.  We didn’t need a color TV, we made the color in our minds.(For you young things, color TV was a rarity.  We didn’t get a color TV for another 6 years.) I am sure as a teenager I did not appreciate the language, nor really understand some of the story.  But it entertained and 50 years later I remember it.

Last Friday night my birthday celebration continued.  Friend Paul took me to see The Tempest at Cal Shakes.  For those of you not from the Bay Area, let me tell you a little about going to Cal Shakes.

It is an outdoor theater in a eucalyptus grove nestled up against the Berkeley Hills.  It may be June, but it is rarely warm at night here like the rest of the country.   Friday night I wore a parka with a hood and gloves.  Paul rented two blankets apiece for us.  One to cover the chair and prevent the wind from coming from the back.  The other blanket was to cover our fronts. That tricky wind came from all directions.  Was I warm, sometimes.  Did being cold prevent me from enjoying the play?  Not at all.

The play was beautiful to watch.  It was funny, the dancing was interesting, the costumes were amazing, the acting well done, the set was a masterpiece, as were the props.  Every time the thunder boomed, I jumped.  I was looking up for rain once or twice.  Well done.  An evening of entertainment and friendship was greatly enjoyed.

Friday, June 8, 2012


Monday I did 5 marriage ceremonies. It was a nicely paced afternoon.  I would finish one wedding, go back to my desk, and then another license would be brought to me.  Five weddings and each one was different.

The first couple were both close to 50.  He wore a beautiful white three piece suit.  She wore a white silk suit that had a rolled collar and lapels. She had on fire engine red heels.   His mother was in a wheelchair and dressed to the nines.  She wore a white suit and a white hat that would have done Queen Elizabeth proud.  The brim was rolled up so her face showed.  And there was a fluttery delicate feather on the side.  The rest of the guests were dressed up too.  This couple was so happy and just beamed during the ceremony.

One couple had a very very loud little boy.  He was 4 and really all over the place.  He all but shouted every word he said.  I usually think I can out shout loud children and crying babies.  This kid had me worried, would I be heard?  I started the ceremony, and he stopped talking.  He sat still, listened, and watched what was going on.  As soon as the ceremony was over, he went hog wild again. 

The next couple was just fun and giddy.  Their witness had two huge Nikons and was snapping away.  The bride wore a white lacy dress, with a slip thank you very much.  We all laughed and cried together.  Mostly we laughed.

Couple four were in their early 30's and they were nervous wrecks.  They didn't know they had to have a witness, so we used the Deli guy D.  D kept trying to calm the couple down.  He told them this was the greatest day in their lives, but that tomorrow would be even better.  In the wedding room they were just too nervous to start the ceremony.  I hugged the bride and held her, and D hugged the groom.  We kinda sorta calmed them down and did the ceremony.  The couple was fine.  No one passed out.  No one ran away.  When the ceremony was over, the two of them laughed, and had huge smiles.

The last couple ended my day with a bad taste.  I started asking questions, rings? own vows?  The groom interrupted me and said, "All we want is our certificate.  We were married last weekend."  And I thought, "OK, you had a party, and you are not married."  I said you had a cultural wedding, and then I explained the three legal sentences plus a license that were needed for a marriage to be valid.  They stood there and all but patted their feet in boredom as I did the quick ceremony.

The afternoon as a whole was lovely.  We don't often get people like couple 5.  Most of our customers are happy and excited. 

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Pillows and Pig Hearts (If squeamish do not go below the pillows.)

Those who know me are aware I have no talent for crafts or sewing.  This morning, again like last week, the First Graders were switching rooms.  Our kids were going to work on pillows, the other class would work on poetry.  Ms. H asked me to go with our kids as there was a shortage of volunteers. I gave her the death stare, but went. 

The kids were making pillows with a pocket to hold a tooth for the Tooth Fairy.  The steps were to sew their names, then put the pocket on.  After that they sewed two pieces of fabric together. Finally they stuffed the pillows.  I threaded needles over and over.  They were using heavy multi strand embroidery thread.  Not easy getting all those threads in the eye of the needle.  But so easy for them to pull the needle off the thread.


Here are some of the pillows.


This shows the back side of a couple of pillows.

Later in the morning, one of the parents came to do a science unit on the heart.  She is a doctor and teaches medical students.  But she had the information at a primary level.  The kids were enthralled.  Me too.


She read this to them before she started the lesson.  Then each child received a copy to take home.

She drew a heart on the board, labeled the sections.  They talked about healthy eating, the purpose of the heart, what the blood carries.  They took their pulse in their necks.  Then she gave them latex gloves and they got to feel the pig’s heart.


She carried the heart around the circle, no touching yet.


She cut the heart in half.  Showed them the parts she drawn.  Again, no touching yet.  The kids are wild to touch it.


You can see the scissors she used to cut the heart.  The hearts were placed on two trays and the kids finally could touch.  Some were squeamish and wouldn’t touch.  But most ran their fingers in and out of the valves, veins, and just prodded.  They loved it.  


This is a packet of worksheets for the children to do at their desks.  If you look closely, you can see the next page showing through.  They were to look at the top page, then draw the lungs and heart on the body on the next page. 

They also have a science journal they worked in.  They drew a cross section of a heart and labeled the parts.  They then wrote 3 or 4 sentences telling something about the lesson. 

People, I was so impressed by this woman.  She really gave them a lot of information.  And they ate it up.  They asked questions, they wanted more information, they were with her the whole lesson.  Bravo Mateen’s Mother. 


Left Over Lobster for Lobster Salad

Silly me, I forgot to take pictures of part 2 of the lobsters.  I finely chopped green onions, celery, and sweet pickles.  Then I squeezed at least half a lemon ( I used the lemon left over from the night before.), added lots of mayo and some sour cream.  Three dashes of Tabasco, sea salt, cracked pepper, and then the sliced left over lobster.

I put a lettuce leaves on plates, added sliced tomatoes, and then lemon slices.  I put out salt, pepper, butter and Zesta Crackers. (This is an article well worth reading.)  If you are not from the the east side of the Mississippi River, you probably haven't had the pleasure of Zestas.  These are the best crackers ever.  Marty and I grew up eating them, our parents had them before we were born.  We have family ship them to us. The original owner was Mr Streitmann from Cincinnati, Ohio. He was an almost friend of my family through church work. I think it was after his death that the company was sold to Keebler.  Wow, the blog went from lobster to Zestas.

Back to the lobster.  The salad was great.  Of course I will never be able to reproduce the salad.  I just kept putting stuff in until we liked the taste.  This meal was a continuation of my birthday.

Monday, June 4, 2012

More on my birthday

Marty, Friend Paul, and I spent most of the day together.  Paul and Marty shared making the special day happen. We loved The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel!  It is not the chick flick that someone told me.  This is good story telling and great acting.  After the movie we went to 99 Ranch and bought lobsters.  These were not just any lobsters, these were huge. 


99 Ranch, the best Asian Market ever.  Maybe one of the best groceries in the Bay Area.  Low prices, huge variety of food.  The produce is to die for.


Lobster pot, close to 2 feet tall. 


Look at these monsters against the size of Marty’s hand.    Marty is getting ready to throw them into the pot.


He is fighting Marty, see his feelers and claws gripping the outside of the pot. 


Paul took this for me.  I am too short to see into the pot. The lid went down as soon as the camera clicked.


15 minutes later, ready to eat.  Look at how they fill up the plates.  Regular readers have seen a lot of food on these plates.  Nothing has filled them up like this.


The camera focused on the front and the back is a little fuzzy.  But I wanted you all to see our lovely monsters all ready for butter and lemon.


Me, the Birthday Girl.  None of us were able to finish our lobster.  Tonight, lobster salad. 

A lovely birthday, lots of phone calls, cards, Facebook messages, emails sent me good wishes and love. 

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Today began at 4:10.  I awoke to the sound of breaking glass.  Marty of course didn't wake up.  Only a baby saying Daddy wakes him.  Anyway, I got up, checked the house, and nothing is broken that I can find.  Some time today I will find a picture that fell, or glass up on the street.  I was a little unnerved so I didn't go back to sleep until around 6:00.  Now I am up and Marty is still sleeping.

Friends have sent beautiful ecards, some have sent sweet emails. I have checked Facebook and lots and lots of friends have posted greetings.   Don't you just love Facebook on your birthday?  Even my minister posted a Happy Birthday and this is a big day for him.  He is beginning his sabbatical and there is a party for him, plus he still has to preach today.  I won't be there Russ, sorry.  My day to sleep in and to play.

We plan to go to a movie, then to 99 Ranch for live seafood.  If I don't have too much wine and forget, I will post pictures of Marty cooking my birthday dinner.  Will it be lobster, crab, mussels?  We will see.