Sunday, May 31, 2009


Last night brother Hank, his wife Ann, and I were walking the dogs. They live in Old Louisville. The area is gorgeous, but edges iffy areas. As we went by the neighborhood restaurant and bar we call HI to a waitress M and a waiter sitting out front. Their shift was over and they crossed the street to talk to us. As we talked she started screaming, " The little son of bitch has my purse! Stop him, help me." And she took off running. A man on a bike joined the chase, and another man came flying around the corner and joined in.

Side bar: She runs in the park every day, is young, and long legged; she had left her purse on the table when they crossed over to talk to us. The thief had walked by them a couple of times.

She continues screaming as she chases him. You could hear her for blocks. He has a city block on her. We stayed behind, and the waiter (he was too old to run) called the police. Then my brother went after her, to console her and bring her back. They were all soon out of sight. But we could hear her.

The police dispatcher said they couldn't do anything but take the report. No car would come. And we waited and waited for them to come back. Ann and I and the dogs start looking for Hank. We walk to the bad area and a police car rolls by. He stops and says did you see him. We said no, and then M waves from the car. We asked where Hank was, the cop told us the street and continued on.

We go back to the restaurant and wait. The police car arrives, and soon after Hank walks up. M had her purse. But the thief got her tip money. She had caught the thief, choked him, kneed him, planned to kill him. He threw down her purse and as she took it, he got away. People hearing her screams had also called the police. We had two cars looking for him.

The police warned M how dangerous her actions had been. They told her since the thief was familiar to staff ( he had walked through the tables often) to call them if he came back. They didn't care if she killed him, they were a little proud of her catching him. But maybe they should handle it from here on in.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Today we spent with a couple Marty went to high school and college with. Marty was in Billy's wedding, Billy was in ours. And our sons were born three months apart. Good long time friends.

We began with Bloody Mary's at their house. Lovely beginning. Then we drove to Westport, a little town down on the Ohio River. And I mean down. Two lane curvy road that ends at the river. When I taught in this county, this was the road that decided on snowy days if we had school or not. If the bus driver said I can't do this safely, no school. On a dry day it is an exciting drive.

Maybe 250 people live in Westport. There is a post office, a lovely Americana store, a church, and a little restaurant, The Teakettle. By little I mean 4 tables that each hold four. The menu was sandwiches, soups, and salads. Items included: Sandwiches of Pimento cheese, Benedictine, Fried Bologna , Three meat Deli, Chicken Salad, and many more. We didn't worry about soups or salad. Three of us had the chicken salad sandwich, maybe the best I have ever had. The cost? $3.50 for the sandwich. And then we had sweet tea. Perfectly brewed clear and medium brown, lots of ice, and just the right amount of sugar.

We had a lovely visit with Billy and Bev. We drove Oldham County to see how it had changed over the years. After we left them, Marty and I drove by the house where he grew up. And we went by the school I had my first job and where Marty went his first 8 years of school. Well the building is gone. And it is now a gorgeous modern building. How the county has changed.

Tomorrow more Southern cooking with Marty's family. Another restaurant in a little tiny town in Henry County.

Thursday, May 28, 2009


We made it safe and sound. I know all of my faithful readers kept the planes up.

The first leg Oakland to Salt Lake City I traveled on 3 hours sleep and Valium. That works pretty good. I even slept 30 minutes. Salt Lake to Cincinnati was on a Bloody Mary. And the last leg, the worst, Cincinnati to Louisville was on wine.

All was smooth until about 45 minutes from Cincinnati. Traffic control had us drop down a few thousand feet into storm clouds. The pilot had no idea why. It wasn't awful, but I was nervous.

But the last leg of the trip we were on the runways taxiing and landing longer than in the air. A 16 minute flight. Straight up to cruising altitude and then you start dropping in order to land. Lots of thunderheads to make it bumpy. And this plane only holds around 40 passengers. If you are over 6 foot your head hits the ceiling. Really hate puddle jumpers.

Now the funny thing was who we met on the plane. As Marty and I are walking down the aisle, we saw my brother. My brother who we are visiting. He was on the way home from NYC. I knew he was flying home, but no idea we were on the same flight. That was fun.

We dumped luggage at Little Brother's, picked up his wife and met my Mother and Papa Jack for dinner. And where did we go? White Castle. Two years since we had had them. Heaven.

We are pirating wireless from the people next door. So I will be able to post fairly often.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009


We are taking a trip tomorrow. And this will involve an airplane. I hate flying, I fear flying, I don't want to do this. As we found out last week, my pills do not help me stay calm. So I may take the old Valium, I may just drink Bourbon or Bloody Marys.

I am an agoraphobic and flying is the major reason I did group counseling. It sort of worked. After 10 happy years of not flying, I got back on planes. Right now just thinking about tomorrow, I am sick at my stomach and tearful.

So tomorrow and the trip back June 4 will be very hard. How about some happy thoughts and prayers for me, please.

We will have limited Internet access. If possible I will blog about our trip home while in Kentucky. If that doesn't work out, I will be back June 4. When we get back I should have pix of the houses and family gatherings.

Oh, and to all you burglars: new monitored alarm, neighbors and dogs watching the house, and the moat has alligators in it.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

And the bigots won

Prop 8 is upheld. I am crying as I listen to the news. California has legally created second class citizens.

The good news the 18000 same sex couples married last year are still legally married. Isn't that weird? They are legally married, but their same sex friends can't marry.

And the law suits will continue. We know the legislature won't do anything. They can't even do a budget.

Damn, damn, damn.

Monday, May 25, 2009


As I write this we are just a little less than 12 hours from the verdict. Tuesday @ 10:30 a.m. the California Supreme Court will give their verdict on Prop 8. Will we be allowed to again marry same sex couples? Or will we discriminate and only marry heterosexuals? AND the big question, will the same sex weddings we did last year stand, or will they be canceled?

And we wait for the verdict.


Facebook is a new way to communicate. It is fun, silly, and tonight a bearer of bad news.

I was checking comments on the side of my home page, and one caught my eye. An album was posted by a friend about a long ago friend. This is how Marty and I learned an ex friend had died. Bad things had happened in years past. We hadn't seen or heard from him or his family in years and years. And then Facebook brought us up to date.

He died in his sleep last night. Even though we hadn't seen him in years, amazingly his death hurts.

Friday, May 22, 2009


Twice a week I drive to and from the county building. It is all on surface streets and about 15 to 20 minutes depending on hitting red lights and construction. By the time I get to the parking garage ( sometimes in the garage) I find many people I would willing kill. Some because of their stupidity I have almost accidentally killed.

A typical drive:

About 90 seconds from my house is a 4 way stop sign. People don't know what to do, so they roll through, don't wait their turn, pull out and then stop. Another 90 seconds we come to the golf course that is on both sides of the road. It has lovely trees and hedges that hide the golf cart drivers and walking golfers who dart out across the road. They never look, they just go. Scary for me, I have come very close to hitting them.

Let's continue, we pass a high school letting out for lunch. Dozens of teenagers crossing 6 lanes against the light. Then we have downtown office workers with a death wish. They are crossing against the light while talking on the phone. And they saunter. At least walk fast as you hold up my world.

We have UPS trucks, armored cars, mail trucks, parking enforcement jeeps and regular cars all double parked. By California law your cell phone must be hands free while driving. Half the world doesn't care, talking, dialing, not watching the road, weaving into my lane. Did I mention the people reading while driving? Not just maps either, books, newspapers, laptops. These people are crazy dangerous!

But the thing that gets up my nose the most, bicyclists. They blow through red lights. Cars swerve to miss them. As I swerve I figure if I hit a car I won't kill someone, just mess up the car. If I hit a bike, no chance for the rider. They ride on the street, then up on the sidewalks, and then back on the street to beat traffic. You are either a pedestrian or not. Pick one. They make no hand signals, just change lanes and you pray you will miss them. And they ride two and three across and block lanes. Rude, and cause me to really want to just keep going and let them swerve. But I never do.

In the garage we have what I call Parking Garage Virgins. I have seen drivers not know how to get the ticket from the machine. So we are backed up onto the street waiting for the attendant to show them what to do. What part of the sign Push Button, Take Ticket do they not understand? They expect to find a spot as soon as they enter and are creeping up the ramps. If they see someone in a car they stop in the middle so you can't get around then and they wait for the car to pull out. It is lunch hour, jurors are in the cars eating lunch, sleeping what ever. Move on. Go to the sixth floor, there are lots of empty places up there, you can see the empty spots from the street.

Lots of opportunity to hurt someone. Thank goodness I don't tote a gun as many do. I for sure would have released my inner rage 5 minutes into my drive.

Thursday, May 21, 2009


Monday and Wednesday I was helping train a new person. M. had transferred in to Vitals. And so had to learn how to marry couples. He observed me both days and he did two weddings with me as his backup. And he did a great job. Very steady, made them comfortable, and acted as if he were doing something important. Which he was.

We had lots of weddings, finally. Busy, no falling asleep at the desk. M. did get to see me do one doozy.

Wednesday the first wedding was a young couple and one witness. We went upstairs, as we entered the Wedding Room the groom said, " We are Muslim". I told him that's OK, it is a civil marriage. He said, "No, we are Muslim and are already married. We just want the marriage certificate." I am standing there with a license and paperwork. They need a ceremony, which they have paid for. I asked him when they had the ceremony( notice I did not say when married) if they had a license. No, it was a cultural wedding, just give us the certificate. So I explained California recognizes all organized religions: Baptist, Catholic, Wicca, Shinto, Muslim, Jewish, etc. But you must have a license, otherwise you have had a nice party. So they demanded, yes demanded, I do just the legal part. No ceremony, no niceness. I asked the two questions for consent and then pronounced them married.

Now I hate doing the three sentence weddings. It upsets me people just want to get it over with. I take pride in doing lovely meaningful ceremonies. Looking back I was not hitting on all cylinders. I took them downstairs to have the license recorded. As I headed to the desk, M. asked, "Don't you need the witness to sign?" DUH, yes I did. The witness signed, I gave it to the clerk, and we went back to our desks. A doozy, right. It gets worse. Ten minutes later the clerk came running up to me. I hadn't signed the license either. M learned I was the perfect example of what you don't do at a wedding.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


We ate up American Idol tonight. We decided it didn't matter who won. They both are fabulous. The show itself was incredible. The first season they couldn't buy respectability. Tonight if you were in the music business and not on the show, you are a dud. Oh whata night!

This was entertainment at its best. Major stars in the audience. And on the stage just to name a few: Idol stars such as David Cook; this year's AI top 13; and then we had wonderful stars such as Fergie and the Black Eyed Peas, Rod Stewart, Lionel Richie, Queen Latifah, Keith Urban, Santana, Cyndi Lauper, Queen, and Kiss. Adam performed with Kiss and Kris performed with Keith Urban. They both sang with Queen.

If Kris wins, that is great. He is very talented. And that leaves Adam free to have control of his career. If Adam wins, great. He will record and have the incredible backing of a major brand. Who ever wins, music lovers win. This year we have real talent. Some years we just have fun and likability. Either man is a major talent. I really didn't care who won. I am impressed by both. But Adam is really my favorite.

And the winner is:

Kris Allen

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

American Idol

Tonight was the final sing off of American Idol. Kris and Adam each sang three songs. Simon said Adam took the first round, Kris the second, and Adam the third. Even though I am a huge, huge Adam fan, I will admit Kris is very good. It really is like comparing apples and oranges. Adam is the flamboyant singer, hard rock sometimes ballad singer. Kris is very quiet and low key. Even when he does rock songs, it is just quiet compared to Adam.

Tomorrow the verdict. Either one will be great as the winner. I almost want Kris to win. The winner is locked into a contract with American Idol for, I think, a year. Maybe Adam would be better off on his own. He would have control and not forced to do what AI wants him to do.

Anyway, I love Adam. The emotion from his songs will rip your heart out. He is the only one Marty and I would pay money to see.

Monday, May 18, 2009


I ask you, what happened to all the happy couples? We are not seeing nearly as many couples wanting to be married in our Wedding Room as in the past. I don't think we are even selling as many licenses as in the past.

Today one wedding only. But it was interesting. The couple had had a big wedding in September. They then emailed in for two copies of their license. Guess what, they never bought a license. So there was no record of them marrying. They weren't married. But now they are.

I hope things pick up in June, the traditional wedding month.

If things stay this slow I will have tell tales about weddings 3 years ago. I might do that anyway. I have had some strange ones.

Sunday, May 17, 2009


Last night I wrote a little about the Public Glass event. The piece that Randy and crew made was wonderful. There is no finished product picture. After it comes off the pipe, the sculpture is placed in an annealing oven for a controlled cool down process. It the cool down isn't controlled, the piece will crack and or shatter.

Marty in black, Luka in green, Randy in red, and Guido by the glory hole. This one piece took at times six men doing different jobs. Six men working an hour and a half to produce one sculpture.

Marty is torching the leaf to keep it one temperature as Randy works with it.

Randy is shaping the leaf by hand, (yes those are special gloves he is wearing). The piece is around 2000 degrees. Marty is torching to keep the heat constant and Luka is holding the pipe with the piece. Notice that Luka is standing on a table. The piece is almost 5 feet long and the pipe is 4 feet long, so the worker must be elevated.

Guido is turning the pipe as Randy tells him to. Randy is shaping and twisting the leaf by hand. As he twisted it another piece was wrapped in the twist. Again, 2000 degrees of hot glass.

Marty is torching a piece that will be the base of the glass sculpture.

The glass sculpture on the end of the marver (table) is a miniature of what they are making. It is only about a foot and a half tall, and no ball in the twist. Marty is jacking the piece. That makes the break off point smaller.

If you notice Randy's alter ego showed up. He wore a Groucho nose/glasses and a Happy New Year hat part of the evening.

Saturday, May 16, 2009


Today the San Francisco Bay Area is having a heat wave. Not record breaking but really hot. Oakland was 90, San Francisco was 90, and out on the inland side of the tunnel it was triple digits. HOT, HOT, HOT.

So what did we do tonight? We went to Public Glass for a fund raiser/demo of glass blowing/sculpturing. The glory hole is 2000 degrees, the pot furnace is 2000 degrees, it was hot. Lots of people, lots of furnaces on, and it was hot outside. I was wringing wet and I wasn't making glass. I was only taking pictures of the demos. Which I hope to post tomorrow.

Marty was the torch man, Randy Strong was the artist. At least 4 other glass workers took part in the demo. Randy made an incredible piece. He made a "leaf" that was stripped with another color. The leaf was stretched out to at least four feet. Randy hand sculptured the leaf and then by hand twisted it. Another glass artist formed a ball that was inserted into the twisted leaf. A base was then attached to it. No one in the crowd had seen anyone do this type of work done. That is because no one has ever done that.

After the demo was over, I told Randy I needed a lot of hours to work. I wanted that piece. I know what I want for my next salary.

Thursday, May 14, 2009


Well, the drug test worked just fine. The point of the test was to see how I react. I found out. The drug didn't do anything. Nothing, no sleepiness, no dizzy feeling, no out of focus eyes, nothing. I didn't even feel relaxed. I have felt more relaxed having a pedicure foot massage from Debbie the world's best nail tech.

I put up laundry, hung laundry, cooked, caught up on email, read a little. None of this should I have been able to do. So the next trip by air, Maker's Mark all the way.


I am testing a new medicine today. It's to replace my panic attack Valium. I take that every couple of years in order to fly without screaming. I always have some on hand in case of an emergency trip.

If you remember the doctor said I am elderly and can't take Valium. So I took the new stuff 15 minutes ago to see how I react to it. I don't want to be on a plane and act so crazy they arrest me. If I get as loopy as the pharmacist thinks, I will either sleep like a log or start posting nonsense.

So ignore anything else posted until tonight.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009


If you go back to last Wednesday night, I got it right. Adam and Chris. We have our two finalists. Chris has been the dark horse. I am not sure he should be there, he hasn't been consistent in his performances. But he has gotten stronger the last few weeks.

Any one of the three could have been eliminated. They were that good. Ryan said 86 million voted. And only 1 million separated the top two. We voted at least 10 times, so it isn't like 86 million voted. But last week it was only something like 36 million. So a lot of people were punching numbers into their phones.

Goodbye Danny.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I try not to be a bitch. When I do weddings I deal with people from all over the world. They are lovely people. They are in love, they want to be married. Yet they forget to tell us one of them doesn't speak English.

Today I did only one wedding. I tried to do two. But both weddings we had language problems. The brides spoke no English. One groom spoke English, one groom spoke broken English. This isn't really a problem,UNLESS they don't tell us. Then it is a major problem. The first wedding the bride spoke only Farsi. I don't speak anything except Southern English. The second wedding the groom spoke broken English. The Bride and guests spoke only Spanish. We had problems

The first wedding in the middle of the wedding I realized the bride did not have any idea of what I was saying. I stopped the wedding, bawled them out for not telling me. Then a guest said she would translate. I was really ticked. If both parties don't understand what it going on, it isn't a legal contract. We worked it out. I knew it was a love match from the actions of the couple, and not a bride being coerced. But I have to be sure the parties understand what is being said.

The second wedding I had a Spanish speaking Commissioner do the wedding. Today was so slow, I fell asleep at my desk. I sure hope the marriage business picks up. I really prefer a busy day to a day like today.

Sunday, May 10, 2009


Louisville Hot Browns

Me, Hot Browns, J wine, and Roses

My lovely roses in an A TEAM vase

Check out all the links below, read, and understand.

Today was Mother's Day. Sometimes this is a good day, sometimes not. Marty lost his Mother over 20 years ago. I know this is always a hard day for him. For me it is hit and miss. This year was good.

Our son sent me two dozen roses yesterday.

Marty and I went to church this morning. After church he gave me a great gift: we went to COSTCO and he pumped gas for my car. When we got home, I called my mother and had a good long chat. My wish for the day was to see Star Trek. We bought our tickets and then bought Mexican food to take in for our lunch. Yes, this complex lets you bring in food. No more hiding it in the big purse. I loved this movie. A little crying, a lot of action, and lots of laughs. I won't review it, friend Sue has already done that very well.

When we came home we had margarittas, my brother and his lovely wife called and we talked an hour and a half. Marty and I later sat out in the courtyard until it became too cold. Marty then cooked our dinner, Hot Browns. Do click on that link. This is a traditional Louisville dish. It is so fine.

Saturday, May 9, 2009


Marty and I are in a group that tests recipes for Cooks Illustrated. Sometimes they are fabulous, sometimes not. Most often we are testing to see if the recipe works not just for taste: temperatures, pan size, ease of directions, utensils required etc. Usually the recipe reads fine and other things are iffy.

Yesterday we tested Old Fashioned Stuffed Turkey. We had one page for prepping and cooking the turkey, and two pages of dressing recipes. We picked a plain dressing (not fond of fruits and nuts in my dressing). These were the worst written recipes I have ever seen.

For the non cooks, and I know you are out there, a recipe should list the ingredients, then give the steps in the order you take to produce the dish. It will tell how many it serves, and the temperature settings. A really good recipe lists prep time/active time and then cooking and if needed, resting time.

No where on the turkey recipe does it tell the oven temperature. In step 3 it does tell you to turn up the temperature to 450. From what? Well, we knew, we are cooks. I finally found a oven setting for the turkey in the middle of the dressing recipes. That is just one thing so wrong with these recipes. Another problem was the dressing in cheese cloth inside the turkey. It was to cook 2 1/2 hours and then added to other things. Then it is placed in a cassorole dish to cook more in the oven. It should have been very moist when taken out. It was almost dry and icky bloody.

The turkey had kosher salt rubbed under the skin. Non cooks, that is to hold in moisture. Well it worked so well, there were no drippings from the turkey. That is why the stuffing was dry. Also, nothing to make gravy with. Luckily we make our own stock/broth and had some to make gravy.

The turkey was moist, but a little salty. The dressing smelled like heaven, but very dry. We upped the amount of broth in it. This is not a recipe we will use again. We already have the perfect recipes for turkey and dressing.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

DWTS and American Idol

Last night on Dancing With The Stars we had a shocker. The sweet bull rider, Ty, was NOT eliminated. Lil Kim was. He is sweet, he is cute, but he is not a great dancer. Even he was stunned not to go. I know I don't post on this show, but last night was just strange.

Now to American Idol. We had four left: Kris, Adam, Allison, and Danny. Last night Adam blew them away. He was absolutely fabulous. Allison was great. Kris did well, and Danny was awful, in my opinion. Marty thought he was OK. And who is safe? Adam, Kris, and damn it to hell Danny. The rocker girl, Allison, will go home. But I am sure we will hear more from her. She is one talented young woman.

Next week, we will find out the final two. My guess, Adam and Kris. Take that with a grain of salt. So far I haven't been right real often.


Only the one wedding today. The couple had lots of family with them, and lots of children. There were 6 little ones age 2 to 8. They were running around in the lobby, not wild, but busy. I was dreading them at the wedding. I could just see them running around, whacking on the floor to ceiling blinds, and just being disruptive.

Wrong. When I asked the guests to please be seated, all 6 children sat. Not a sound, not a wiggle, not a punch or pinch during the wedding. These were such well behaved children. I complimented them and their parents. The children knew they were in a grown up situation and behaved accordingly. A joy to see.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Word came to me that my web page was not pretty. The color and format was not liked. Well, I am not the artist, Marty is. So I have another new look. We will see if this one meets your approval.

What do you think? Is it a keeper?

If you all still don't like it, I will ask Marty to help pick format and color.


Yesterday was slow, only four weddings. But such nice weddings. I saw a couple and their friends in the lobby all dressed up. Suits, white dress, pretty "church" dresses, and flowers. I looked at them as I took another couple up and thought older couple. Well, when I checked their license, he was 46 she was 40. They had not aged well. They were attractive, they just looked like they were at least in their 50s. They were so in love and so sweet. They thanked me and thanked me for doing the wedding with dignity.

I think most people think if they are married at the county building it will be about three hurried sentences and at the counter. Not us. We all try to make each ceremony special.

I was given a license sold in March. The clerk only had to type in the witnesses' names and addresses. She didn't need to check anything else, since it was just a ceremony. But I have to check everything. Place of birth for the bride, groom, and two witnesses was PW. Now that can be a state or country. I didn't know what it was so asked the supervisor to check our acceptable abbreviations. Nothing. One of the clerks called the couple over and asked where they were born. PALAU Does anyone see a W in there? Palau may sound familiar to you, two Survivor shows were filmed there. We fixed it and they re signed the license and I did the ceremony.

One couple was young, early twenties. They had a child 5 months old. Both the groom and bride were dressed nicely in black. He had on a gorgeous black shirt and she had on a black cocktail dress. Now the dress had a very deep V in front. But for some reason it did not look cheap or like the girls would spill out. It was just a nice dress. The witness was beside himself with happiness. He had to have taken 100 pictures from the time we entered the room. The groom got the giggles and then went on into deep laughing. Which became contagious. But we finished on a serious note. After the wedding the groom grabbed me and hugged me and hugged me. He was so happy. And then the bride hugged me and so did the witness. I am thinking FLU, and then thought, what the hell. I have Purell on my desk and there is soap and hot water in the restroom. I hugged them all back.

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Wednesday morning Marty flew out to San Diego. A dear friend, Richard, was having heart surgery and Marty went to support Richard's partner and to help as needed. Richard is doing just great.

That meant I was home alone. The coward of the county, alone. Even with an alarm system, I am not comfortable at night all alone in my home. I do it as I have for years, bitching and fearful. Marty used to travel 3 to 5 days a week. We even had a period he was gone 3 weeks at a time. That was a living hell. No alarm system, just a very nervous dog who barked at everything.

After 42 years, I should be used to it. I guess I am used to it but I still hate it. I don't like being alone at night, being the guardian of the castle. I do it but not well. I still leave lights on all over the house. As Marty says, " So the burglars won't trip coming up the stairs." He was gone 4 days, 4 long days. Several phone calls a day are nice, but that isn't your husband home with you.

But tonight he is home! I will sleep in the dark, well, I still have night lights. I will sleep without being nervous. I will then get up tomorrow and complain he stole all the pillows and covers. It is so good to have him home.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cough, cough, cough

As some of you know, March I was really sick. I had the old fashioned flu. Ugly, awful, and the gift that keeps on giving. I have been coughing for weeks. It doesn't get worse, it just doesn't get better. After much nagging from friends and Marty, I went to the doctor yesterday.

I love Kaiser. Those of you who can't get this HMO, I feel for you. I called Wednesday to talk to the advice nurse. She had me set up with an appointment in less than 24 hours, with my doctor. Not in the clinic. I saw Dr. J. and he is pretty positive the cough is just a post flu thing. He gave me options for treatments. He emailed the pharmacy several prescriptions. Then to be sure he is correct, he set up lab work and x rays.

There was one little hiccup. I asked him to renew my Valium for flying. We have a trip planned this month, and I hate flying. I have Valium enough for the trip, but it is so old it has expired. You can tell I am really into drugs. And he started trying to say something, hemmed and hawed. Then he said, "We don't recommend Valium for the elderly." ELDERLY!!!!!!!!!!! Call me a senior citizen, but elderly. Then Dr. J. said, " You are just into that age group at 65. It might make you dizzy and you could fall." Now I am so old I have to worry about falling? He wrote me a prescription for something else to keep me calm on a plane. I think my original plan of drinking cross country is best.

Back to the tests. No getting clearance for them, no waiting for days. It was then. I had the blood drawn for 10 tests and 3 x rays done. All of this in about 30 minutes. And for no extra cost. Tests are free in our health plan. I figure I had a gazillion $$$ worth of work done. Then on to the pharmacy.

Four prescriptions that in the real world would have been $194. Kaiser world $60. In two hours I saw my doctor, had several hundreds of dollars of tests and drugs for $85. This morning when I got up, all my blood work tests results had been emailed.

Love you Kaiser.