Tuesday, February 2, 2016

No Endings But a New Adventure

Hi this is Marty and I am writing Janet's final blog.  Janet passed peacefully into  the afterlife to meet her God Monday at 10 am.  She is now proudly sitting by His side.  She has so many friends to see  there too: Gary, Joe, Greg, Anna, Ryan, Coz, and many more.  Knowing her she will organize a reunion for everyone.  And you can bet it will involve Southern cooking with a California flair. 

We are planning a memorial for Saturday, February 13, 2 pm at The First Christian Church, 3039 Willow Pass Road, Concord, CA 94519.  Memorials will  be accepted to the church and please designate it for the Capital Improvement Project.  Online giving can also be used by selecting: 

We will also have a memorial reception in Louisville at her brother's home 1349 So Fourth St, Louisville, KY 40208.  It will be Sunday, May 8, 2016, 2 pm - 5 pm.

Thank you for following her blog.  She was so intent to share her experiences with everyone.  She loved your comments and prayers.

Sunday, January 31, 2016

So Much for Same Oh - NOT

Well so much for it all being the same.  Maybe I need to change my blog title to I am beginning to see endings.  I have become extremely weak and cannot stand without Marty helping me.  In fact that's been a problem too.  As he was helping me from bed to chair last weekend I got noodle legs and started falling.  Marty could not hold me up so we both went to the floor.  I landed on my knee and ankle and twisted them both.  I have been in much pain with that this week.  It has been more and more difficult to move.  Plus my torso has been aching terribly.  Mr. Morphine has been my savior as I have had more and more to alleviate the pain.  I get nauseous smelling food too.  My nausea medications help a little but I am not eating much at all.  Fast forward to Wednesday and Marty decides that the bed will become my permanent home.  Even going to the bathroom is an effort.  I am declining fast.  Marty notified all of our friends and family that my days were numbered.  The hospice nurse came over last night and put a catheter in.  That has relived some of the pain in my back and abdomen.  When we notified family, my niece Lisa Kay Nichols wrote one of the most beautiful blog posts about our life together.  For the rest of you here is a link to her blog:  http://normalnichols.blogspot.com/2016/01/this-blogs-for-you.html  Lisa I love you so much and appreciate you sharing.  My brother and his wife, Henry and Ann, came to see me Friday. Nurse Ann has taken over duties helping me.  Marty is so pleased to have the help from both of them.  They will be here a week.  I also appreciate my friends coming to sit with me again giving Marty some free time.  Again thanks for all of the well wishes, prayers, texts and calls.  Love all of you.

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Everything is Same Oh Same Oh

Everyday we do pretty much the same thing.  Mornings is bathroom run, vitals recorded, meds taken and then breakfast.  Most things for breakfast taste  good.  I usually have Honey Nut Cheerios but a couple of times a week Marty fixes eggs and bacon with toast. 

Then its back to the recliner to either rest or take a nap if I have had a bad night.  When I wake up its bathroom run and lunch.  Boost Plus is my usual lunch.  Then a little idiot TV and then dinner time.  I am still a little nauseous at times and take a back-up nausea medication for that.

Marty and I are addicted to Jeopardy so that is our entertainment through dinner.  I am still a very picky eater but I am trying to eat.  Marty still keeps trying to find the magic recipe but it seems like each day my tastes change.  Then during clean up time we watch Wheel of Fortune.  Then its back to the recliner.  I have my meds again and vitals check about 9.  Then its bed-time about 11:30. Sleep has changed in the last week.  I was not sleeping well because all of the bloating around the ribs causes pain at night.  To help this they put me back on small doses of Morphine.  That seems to work because I am sleeping during the night now. 

So you see unless I have visitors, every day is about the same as the next day.  Overall the nurse says I am doing really well.  So I am still hanging in there.  We really appreciate the cards, Facebook, out of state phone calls, Skype, texts and email from everyone.  Thanks again for your prayers too.  Strength comes from all of you. 

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Color Me Yellow

As far as my health I am hanging in there with same o same o.  I have been told that I look like I got caught in a cheap spray tanning booth.  I am leaning to a shade of orange.  This is just a malfunction of the liver. 

On a happy note I have peach fuzz hair, eyebrows and eye lashes. WOW does that means that I do not have the terminator look anymore.  May be able to get a haircut soon.  :-). 

As far as food I am still pretty picky but pasta dishes seem to be more appealing than others.  

Nothing big and exciting  We have had visitors and we are running on the same schedule everyday.  Hospice continues to take good care of me and Marty.  Please continue with your wonderful prayers.  I enjoy the cards and phone calls that I get.  Makes my spirits lift me up. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

It was brought to our attention through a phone call and Facebook that we have been slow in posting.  It seems time has passed so fast.  We had a quiet Christmas and Skyped friends and family from California to Germany.  We had phone calls from Florida, Texas and Kentucky.  It was great to talk to everyone. 

New Year's Eve was exciting. Our friend Mark brought Chinese dinner for us.  I took a nap and Marty woke me as they were dropping the ball in Time's Square. 

As far how I am feeling, There is no pain except for old lady aching joints.  There is always a slight feeling of nausea that we have been able to control.  There were a couple of days that I had to have some Mr. Morphine but that has gone away for a while.  The neuropathy is continuing to be an issue.  I cannot pull off the cap from the hypodermic syringe to give  me my daily shots.  I have an overall feeling of helplessness.  If I am just in the recliner I feel like I could get up and do most anything.  But, when it comes to  getting out of the recliner it takes a major effort to stand up by myself and grab the walker.  The farthest I walk is about 8 feet to my decorative potty chair that we have added to our living room d├ęcor.  I have the smallest bladder in the world and I make this trip often.   This can only be done with help from Marty or friends who are sitting with me.  You cannot pull up a gown, lower your underpants and hold onto a walker at the same time.  And then I make the long trek back to the recliner. 

I haven't used oxygen much but sometimes I have some shortness of breath and this relieves that.  I am stronger in that I can get out of the recliner by myself, when I walk I am much steadier and Marty does not have to walk behind me to keep me steady.  At night I can sorta rearrange myself in the bed without help. 

They do not want me to walk much because of the blood clot even though it has been greatly reduced.  To get to the kitchen for meals I ride in my fancy red and black wheelchair.  Speaking of meals, taste buds are still fickle and I am not thrilled at eating anything.  I make myself eat.

Happy New Year to everyone.  Thank you for all of your support and prayers.  May 2016 be a good year.  Love to everyone.