Saturday, July 31, 2010


Monday was very very busy. Between 1:00 and 4:45, I performed 11 ceremonies and took up 4 to be done in Spanish.  That's a lot of people to marry and to make feel as if they are the only customers that day.  I think we did a good job. 

One couple were dressed very casually.  But their three year old daughter was dressed to the teeth.  She had on a white satin dress.  It was embroidered with silver thread and the pattern had cut outs around the bottom of the dress. The little dress had an attached cape matching the dress.  Oh and it had sparkles on it.

I looked at one license and saw the couple lived on the street from one of our old neighborhoods.  They moved in about the time we moved out. I told them I used to live close to where they do now.  And  I promised I would not tell anyone about them marrying.  You may think you know the neighborhood.  Remember we have moved at least 10 times. 

Another couple was dressed up for the ceremony.  She had on a white strapless satin dress that had beading on the bodice.  Her hair was up, in large, sprayed within an inch of their life, curls.  He had on a dark suit.  A large group was with them, maybe 20 people.  And it was strange.  No joy in the room.  No feeling of attraction between the bride and groom.  When I pronounced them married, dead silence in the room.  They didn't kiss, let alone hug.  This was not a happy event.

The next wedding there was joy and happiness.  The couple was from Florida and here for a conference.  They found a witness in the lobby and we did the ceremony.  They were so in love, so happy, and they made up for the wedding before them.

Wednesday was a little slower.  I only married 6 couples.  It was a nicely paced afternoon.

One couple had been together 7 years.  They were "just marrying for the legal rights".  They were sure there would be no difference in their lives.  Well, he started crying, and she flat out lost it.  She couldn't talk, she was so moved. I had to wait for her to pull it together so she could do her vows,  Afterwards they both commented on how surprised they were to be so emotional. 

One couple was in their 40's.  This was the fourth marriage for each of them.  They were all dressed up.  She is a yellow chiffon print with yellow heels.  He had on a dark suit with a yellow shirt and tie to match her.  As we are walking to the elevator the bride exclaimed, "She has on tennis shoes!"  Guilty.  But in my defense they were cute and in a purple tone to match my silk jacket.  Then they kept asking me when I was going to put on my robe.  I had to disappoint them and tell them I don't wear a robe. 

The last couple this week was interesting.  He was 66, she was 41.   They were divorced from each other 3 years ago and were remarrying.  He kept telling everyone in the lobby that they were remarrying.  They were a very happy couple.  And the children were happy too.   I left them at the marriage desk to get their certified copy of the license.  I headed to the elevator.  The groom came rushing out to me and had a fist full of 20s.  He wanted to give them to me for doing the ceremony.  It was a lot of money, but I turned it down.  We are not allowed to take money.  DAMMIT! 

Thursday, July 29, 2010

LARRY, lookiing for the chili from the Fad, contact me again.

I had a note from google that someone commented on one of my older blogs.  Larry left the note on July 28, 2010.  I glanced at it, saw the name Larry and something about chili from the Fad.  I clicked on it to accept it.  It is gone.  I have no idea which post it was attached to.  I have checked comments for the last year, I think, and can't find it.

So Larry, contact me again and leave your email, please. I think you left your email, but as I said, it is gone. I will give you the info on pool hall chili that I have.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010


As promised I will do a quick summary of last week's weddings.  Monday I only had 3 ceremonies to perform.  Wednesday I had 7 couples to marry.  Most were fairly normal.  But one wedding stands out for all the wrong reasons.

I had one couple who were having "a real wedding in October".  The bride refused to let her witness take pictures.  No need, "this isn't our real wedding."  If what I am doing isn't real, why the hell bother to do it?

The majority of the couples were sweet, very in love, and easy to work with.  And then we had the snippy bride and her wandering father.

There was a large group with the couple.  They were all from India.  The women were in lovely saris.  And some of the men wore turbans.  It was a striking looking group.  Their license was on the back counter with a note on it:  waiting for a witness.  The couple was told to come to the desk and notify the clerk when the witness arrived.  Then I would be given the license.  The license sat there for over an hour.  It is close to 4:00 when we technically quit doing weddings.  I said I would go out and see if they have heard from the witness.  Yes the witness is there, why haven't they been called.  UH, you didn't tell us.  I say we can go upstairs now and do the ceremony.  And the bride says we have to wait.  Her father isn't there.  Where is he?  And the snippy rich bride talking to the hired help, says,"He's outside, just wait."  So I said how long before he can get back in here?  If everyone isn't here, then I take the next couple.  And she really got snippy and said, "I can see him across the street, you just wait until he comes in, he won't be long."  I said no. Others are ready and waiting.   As I walked off, they ran to get him and called me back.  So we went upstairs, two elevators full.

We arrived  in the wedding room and I realize the father is not with us.  I was ready to start the ceremony, and the Bride said you have to wait. I said no waiting again for him. Other couples are waiting and he isn't one of the legal witnesses.  We are doing it now or it isn't happening.  About half way through the father wandered in.

If the bride had not been such a uppity bitch, I would have waited to start the ceremony.  But she was so rude I just wanted them out of the building.

Sunday, July 25, 2010


Yes, I know, no wedding information this week.  I did 9 weddings, I kept notes.  Maybe Monday or Tuesday I can write up some of them.  I have not posted since Thursday. I have been a busy girl. I gave you all a hint of what was to come this weekend with my post about baking cookies.

Friday: laundry, a late lunch, grocery shopping and then some cooking, a Look at my pictures of Africa party.  Part of the cooking part, we were to bring appetizers.  I also was cooking food for Saturday.

Saturday:  No sleeping late, we loaded the cooler with the food going to Davis; then a late morning hair appointment.  Marty hit the grocery again for a few items for Saturday appetizers  We then drove north to Davis to take dinner to our nephew Tres, wife Casey, son Hall, and daughter Bella, who have just moved here.  Tres had just been transferred to Travis Air Force Base.. Marty helped Tres put together furniture.  I gave moral support for the cross country move they just endured. For dinner we brought appetizers, then a lovely supper:  salad; applesauce with nutmeg; fresh green beans with potatoes, sliced tomatoes, green onions; and an unbelievably wonderful tri tip. Then there were the wonderful chocolate chip cookies I had baked.

Sunday we had church and then our church group, Wine and Dine, met at a restaurant for lunch.  We then went home and I called home and talked to family.  Marty worked in the yard.  Then it was finally nap time.

Yes, a full weekend.  We are tired.  It was a lovely weekend.  But why do we always have everything on one weekend?  And then we sit home for several weekends with nothing fun to do?

Thursday, July 22, 2010

This is not a test. This is experience cooking.

No testing of a recipe this time.  I am making my version of chocolate chip cookies.  I've been making them for 43 years, so this is all about experience.  I'm making a double batch.  One batch for us, and the other to take to my nephew Tres and his family.  We are taking them dinner.
Tres is an Air Force pilot and just transferred to Travis Air Force Base.  We are thrilled he and his family are so close to the Bay Area for a couple of reasons.  First because we enjoy being with them.  Second, his Mother and Dad (my brother) will be out here a lot to visit their grand children. I will get to see my brother and his wife a lot more now.  YAY!  Oh, Tres and Casey we love you too.

The batter is mixed.  The flour has flown all over the counter.  Yes, I did use the collar and pour spout.  Flour still flies everywhere.
We don't mess around when we buy chocolate chips.  Check out the size of the package.  We are Costco people and bought the huge 72 oz bag. 
The chocolate chips have been added.
I gave the chocolate chips a hand stir so that the beater didn't break them.
Ready to go in the oven.  They are on parchment paper so they don't stick and clean up is easier.
First two pans cooling.  My kitchen smell like heaven!
This is a little present for Marty.  He loves the raw dough, as I do.  I called him at work and told him to work from home today so he could eat the raw dough.  Unfortunately he couldn't come home.  So I saved the beater and the spatula in a Ziploc bag.  This is waiting in the refrigerator for him.

The cookies are very good if I do say so myself.  The cook always gets the broken cookies.  And I somehow manage to always break a couple.  Yummy, warm cookies and milk.

The recipe you ask.  I take the recipe from the Nestle's chocolate chip package, then I raise the white and brown sugar each to a full cup.  The vanilla is almost doubled.  I use half the salt they call for, but use salted butter.  When I cream the butter and sugar, I cream the crap out of it.  I can't really write the recipe down.  The creamed sugar has a certain look and I know when to stop. I put the dough on the hot pans as soon as the cooked cookies are taken off.  And the cookies don't rest on the cookie sheet. They are taken off and cooling on the table.  We like flat chewy cookies.  And all this together gives us just what we like.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Saturday Marty and I again tested a recipe for Cook's Illustrated.   This time it was for Ultimate Chili.  This is not like the chili I regularly make.  This is diced chuck, not ground; make your own chili powder; molasses, chocolate, and pinto beans, not kidney beans.  I absolutely hate pinto beans. I hate kidney beans too and I pick them out after cooking.  Anyway, I am a trooper and when we test a recipe I try it like they wrote it.

In the back the nasty beans doing the end of a 10 hours brined soak.  Marty is seeding the Ancho peppers and the Arbol peppers.  Notice smart one is wearing gloves. 
There were a sh*t load of chili peppers.
In the food processor to be ground to a fine powder.
Only the best cocoa powder will be added.
Lovely smell as it grinds.
More goodness and hotness to be added.
The 5# of chuck to be trimmed off and diced.
There is a huge amount of meat.  He trimmed and diced forever.  I was washing dishes and stirring onions while Marty chopped away.
The soup pot has the beans, lager, onions, peppers, cornmeal, other seasonings, chicken stock. He is adding the browned meat to the pot.  At this point I am telling him, it will not fit in one pot.  He is sure it will fit.
I was right, it would not fit in the pot.  Notice the casserole dish.  That has the extra.
All dished up.  I sprinkled freshly diced onion on mine.
As I said I don't like pinto beans.  I tasted the soup and then picked out as many as I could.  Marty likes the beans, but he picked out most of his also.  Way too many beans in this recipe.  I would cut it down to a third.  It just overpowered the dish.  It became bean soup, not chili.  With the beans thinned out, it was a very hot and tangy chili.  Would we make it again???  Maybe.  We did like the small diced chuck.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Today Marty and I worked the San Francisco Aids Foundation  (SFAF) Booth at the AIDS WALK in Golden Gate Park.  This is our 10th year to work the booth.  It is a wonderful event.  And at the same time it is awful that this event is still going on. We do not have a cure yet for this disease.  I work registration.  Marty helps me.  He also does part of the walk, and then turns around and comes back to work in the booth.  The worst part of working this is we leave home at 7:30.  I don't usually get up until after 8:00.  That would be A.M.  Below are a few of the pictures of our day.   It was cool:  55 to 60 degrees.  Very foggy and really really windy.  So windy the team shirts( and the Master registration list) blew off the table.  Every now and then the sun came out, but not for long.  The fog controlled the day.  And that is fine, cool but not cold is the best thing for this event.

People are arriving and the Meadow is filling up.

Some of the SFAF team.  Shirts are sorted by size.  The big shiny jar is for donations.

My helper at registration, Marty.

The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence are a in your face charity and protest organization.

More of the Sisters
Feeding hamburgers to our team as they returned from the WALK.

To your left the black stage with bands, singers, dancers entertaining all the Teams as they ate lunch.  Around 25,000 walkers were there.  Then you had hundreds of volunteers at the booths; doing garbage; doing outreach; passing out ice cream, condoms, water, candy, pins, juice; collecting money and lists of names. 

As I said, this event is wonderful.  We meet people who have HIV or AIDS and benefit from the services provided by the non profits that are funded by this walk.  We meet people who have lost loved ones to this terrible disease.  We meet people who just want to help. 

Today we had two young girls who worked the team shirt table.  They passed out shirts and lunch tickets.  They answered questions.  They greeted the public, including some who were higher than a kite.These girls just contacted SFAF and asked to help.  They worked at a maturity level some of the adults volunteers never reach. They stayed longer when relief volunteers didn't show up.  These girls are at the most 14 years old.  They were superb in their work ethic.  We all praised them for their good job.  And we asked them to come back for other events.

Saturday, July 17, 2010


I get some interesting spam. The titles just jump out at you. Usually I just dump the folder after a quick check nothing important ended up there.  But sometimes I do look at it. And I am amazed at the subject matter.

How do they decide to send spam out?  It makes no sense to send me a link to cure erectile dysfunction. Those implants would do nothing for me.  And HOT GIRLS!  If they think I have erectile dysfunction that is just cruel.  Gay men want to date me. Singles are standing by for me to call/email.  All of this on one day.  A little confusing. Gay, impotent, willing to pay for women or men.  Just what do the spam demographers think I am?

I have also been offered breast implants, hair plugs, cures for toe fungus, and grants from the US government.  I can be a police officer. I can make millions by just sending my bank account number to Raj in South Africa.  I can work from home and be financially secure.  So many opportunities.  What to pick, what to do.  The mind is overwhelmed.

The grants seem the best offer.  I just have to be a woman and I can have money for education, a small business, housing and lots of other things. I am going for the housing and small business.  But I have to hurry, people are lining up now.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Weddings, some interesting, some not so

Monday was a slow day for weddings.  Again I sat until after 3:00 before anyone came in to get married.  The first couple were dressed in jeans and sweat shirts with shiny new rings on.  They had been married in their church the day before.  They told me all about the service and what they wore.  Now they wanted to legalize it.  I asked them why they hadn't bought a license before that service and had the minister sign it.  They really couldn't give me a good reason.

Couple two were from Afghanistan.  Their witness, R, struck me as some sort of professional: matchmaker, helper to get one of them through immigration, something bossy.  Every time I spoke to the couple R answered.  I kept pushing them for answers (to see if they spoke English) and he would answer.  Finally I told them I couldn't marry them because I didn't think they could understand me.  R got indignant and said of course they speak English.  I said well why don't you let them talk?  He backed off and they did speak English.  And I did the ceremony.

Couple three were the perfect example of people who do not listen to the clerks.  It is carefully explained to every customer, if you change your name at the bottom of the license it takes a court order to go back to the original name.  After the ceremony the bride decided she wanted to keep her name.  Tough luck, it is a done deal.  She now has to go to court and pay big bucks because she and the groom did not listen to the clerk.

Wednesday I had 4 1/2 weddings.  You know what that means.  One couple faked out the clerk and me on the groom's ability to speak English.  Clerk N said she asked them if they spoke English, no problem.  Well, I found out in the middle of the ceremony he didn't speak English or understand English.  The bride and the guests were cuing him in when to say I do.  The vows tripped him up.  I stopped the wedding and got a Clerk who speaks Spanish to do the ceremony.  Yes, I was ticked off.  Why lie about that? 

I had two couples that made up for all the dumbness, rudeness, tackiness of the last 6 months.  Couple 1 was from Nepal.  She was in an elegant red sari.  It had beautiful gold work through it.  There was a gold design like a small dragon fly all over the sari,  The wings were a brilliant emerald green.  Now the bride should not have struck me as beautiful woman. Yes, her hair was long and beautiful.  But her face had acne scars.  She was a little plump.  But when this young woman smiled at her groom she glowed.  She lit up the room with beauty.  Love makes a woman gorgeous. 

And then we had the traditional wedding party, sort of.  I saw the little girl in the lobby.  She had on a high waisted to the floor white organza dress, little white ruffled socks, and white Mary Janes. Then I saw another little girl in a similar outfit in a pale blue. I see a white wedding dress and a bouquet. I was hoping this is an English speaking couple.  I want to do this wedding.  It is mine!  The groom was in a black suit, his hair was pulled back in a pony tail and the sides of his head were shaved.  He was a huggable cutie pie doll. 

And then the bride in her mermaid wedding dress.  I know this dress cost a fortune.  It fit her like a glove.  It was expensive looking, almost coutoure. Did she borrow it?  Was it her mother's?  This dress should have been in church, at a fancy country club.  But it was at the Alameda County Wedding Room. The strapless dress was heavy heavy creamy satin.  The dress was covered with seed pearls and blackish silvery beads:  The front and the back of the dress, down to the cathedral train were covered with pearls and the beading.  And this young woman was woman enough to wear this dress. 

The bride and groom were each around 30 years old.  And I found out both little girls were their children.  So traditional, yet not.

Monday, July 12, 2010


I picked up Marty last night at the Oakland Airport.  Great joy.  The house feel right, I feel right.  Marty is glad to be home. 

We are back to normal. Now I can complain again about all the little things that drive me crazy.  And that I missed.

Sunday, July 11, 2010


This has been a very long weekend.  Not in a good way like last weekend with the holiday.  No, this was alone in the house, no one to talk to, no one to protect me from the night monsters, Marty out of town long.

Marty was in Simi Valley for a billiard tournament.  Our good friend Luis and his team were playing in it. Marty is Luis' groupie.  Luis used to live in San Francisco and Marty went every Tuesday night to watch Luis and his team play.  When there were tournaments out of town, Las Vegas, Long Beach where ever, Marty tried to go.  Luis moved to San Diego and now Marty only gets to see him play at tournaments. 

Marty flew down Friday and will come back tonight, Sunday.  He has had a lovely time. I was home alone.

Those who know me well, know I am the coward of the county.  I don't do well in a house alone at night.  Years ago I would pack up my baby and go stay with friends when Marty traveled.  I have progressed to staying alone in my own home.  But I really don't like it. When he travels, I try to keep busy and to act like every thing is normal.  Well, normal for me.

Saturday I met a friend for lunch in Alameda at Angela's Bistro.  If you live in the Bay Area, I suggest you try this place out.  Really nice tasty lunch.  The beauty of this lunch was learning about my friend.  We are new friends and are just finding out the other's life history.  It was a fun and interesting lunch.  And then I went home to my empty house.

I have been sort of productive this weekend. I have had several long conversations with friends and family across the country. I bought some fresh produce. I have done laundry and ironed.  I gave the house a lick and a promise.  And I have read. 

But that doesn't fill up the hours.  Marty isn't home and the house feels wrong. I miss him.  Three and a half hours until I pick him up at the airport.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Update to Feeling the hate.

I meant to update the blog about the noisy party and forgot.  Marty talked to the next door neighbor.  He told Marty several neighbors had notified the parents of the party people.   They are very aware of the irate neighborhood. 

I  hope the kids are grounded for 10 years.


Wednesday was very slow.  Not just for me doing weddings, but slow for all of Vitals.  I also noticed driving to and from the County Building, not much traffic, not many people out.  The clerks and I discussed this and some of the customers brought it up also.  People are leery of being downtown.  They are afraid of the verdict.  Caution is winning.

Around 3:30 we did have a few couples who wanted to be married.   I had the average unthinking ones who thought they can walk in, be married, and be gone in 15 minutes.  I called the names and they said, "He has to go feed the meter.  I know for a fact they had not been in the building 15 minutes.  So I sent him off and told them to rap on the door when he was back.  When I did the wedding they were a sweet adoring couple.  Their daughter was the still camera person and the baby brother wrangler.  The bride's mother took video of them.  Very happy sweet couple.

Then I had the whole room glows with love couple.  They decided to marry, but no witness.  She went through the lobby and found a man who would witness.  We waited while he finished his business with Vitals and then did the ceremony.  This couple adored each other.  They just glowed with love.

And then we had the couple so in love they couldn't be bothered to listen to me.  Clerk R asked the groom if he understood English, since he was from Senegal.   He told the clerk he spoke 3 languages and English was no problem.  Remember the new rule.  I called their names and gathered the group.  There were maybe 25 people there for the wedding.  All talking and yelling.  And they had not stopped when they left the building.

When I tried to talk to the bride and groom, everyone gave me an answer.  I started the ceremony, no one could hear me.  So the lost her charm Janet yelled, "I am the only one allowed to talk now."  I started again, and noticed the matron of honor had vanished.  She was trying to find someone to take pictures with her camera.  Again I tried to do the ceremony.  I asked the groom if he took this woman as his wife.  No answer, I repeated, and the crowd (I can't call them guests.  They were an unruly crowd.) yelled at him to say I do.  So he did.  A little bit of fluff read and at this point I am regretting my choice of ceremony.  Why didn't I pick the really short one? 

I tell the couple we are going to be doing the vows.  I tell the groom the first phrase to repeat.  Nothing.  I repeat it.  Nothing.  He isn't even looking at me.  I am beginning to think he doesn't speak English.  The crowd is yelling at him and he looks at us blankly.  I said to him I didn't think he spoke English and I won't/can't do the ceremony if he doesn't understand me.  The crowd is now getting hostile., "Yes, he speaks English."  I told them all to be quiet, in my not very polite way.  I told him I had to determine his ability to understand English. Well, son of a gun, he did speak English.  He just wasn't listening to me.  He was talking to his bride, his best man.  He tuned me out.  As had the bride.  I finally finished the ceremony with some major editing to shorten it as I read.

I then told the couple I was going to the office next door to get their certified copy of their marriage license.  They were to join me in the office.  I looked out the door and they were headed to the elevator.  These ding bats listened to nothing.  I brought them back to the office and gave them their certified copy.  They then realized they had already lost their souvenir marriage certificate.  It wasn't in the Wedding Room.  So hopefully some one in their family had picked it up.

Monday, July 5, 2010

The Fourth of July

Every year since 2000 we have gone to a neighborhood Fourth of July party in the Oakland Hills.  Our hosts live on one of the highest points in the Hills.  They have a $1,000,000 view of all the bridges on the San Francisco Bay and of San Francisco.  They have a view of at 10 least cities that have fireworks the night of the Fourth.  The view is incredible.  But usually we have to look quickly.  This time of year we have fog, lots of fog.  We have seen fireworks maybe twice.  We might see the beginning and then the fog roars in and we see colored fog. 

Yesterday the weather forecast was warm and clear.  WRONG!  By the time we arrived, the temperature was dropping and the fog was coming in.  That is our tradition.  We don't watch the fireworks, we listen.  Below are some pictures of where we were, and the fog.

  This is the backyard of our hosts.

A bagpiper played during the party.  The house behind him is a neighbor.  It is a Mac Mansion.  We don't like it.  They took part of the view. 
Friends Lew and Nancy from the A Team.  Notice the white fluffy stuff behind them. 

You should be able to see Oakland and San Francisco.  The fog has hidden them and is advancing toward us.

Even closer.  At times the fog was against the fence.  It comes and goes.
This is looking east from the same house and about the same time.  Mt. Diablo is clear and sunny.

Sundown, the fog has covered the cities and the Hills.  We were so cold even though we were wearing parkas. We went inside to warm up.  We listened to the booms for awhile.  Then we went home.  Since we don't really expect to see fireworks we weren't disappointed.  We enjoy being with the neighbors from the old neighborhood.  That is the point of the pot luck party.

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Changes update

Well, I didn't like the picture.  So I have removed it.  It was just too big.  And I can't find a way to make it smaller.  So no picture, but other changes are here for a while.

Changed it up

OK,  I have changed the look of the blog a little bit.  And I added ways to share it.  I have no idea if the sharing works, I just clicked on the option and those buttons popped up.  Anyway, if you want to share it, now it should be easier.  I have no problem with my readers' numbers growing.  So share away.  Please, share away.

I am not sure about the picture.  It is so big, but that was my only choice, I think.  We will see about that one.

There are new layouts and colors available.  I like the dramatic look of the dark dark colors, but they are really difficult to read.  And then I am back to the earlier problem that links don't show up.  So the old colors will continue.

I now am going to see if I can make commenting easier.  That one I can't find the options I want. 

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Weddings, new rules. Old rule I don't like so much.

In the past when a bride or groom didn't speak English we were allowed to use someone in the wedding party to translate.  This wasn't a great plan since we had little idea of what was said to the non English speaking person.  But we watched for body language and hoped for the best.  Well as of Monday, we can only use staff who are certified translators.

This will be a problem.  We don't have translators for a lot of languages: such as Farsi, most dialects of India, French, Mongolian, some Chinese dialects, many many more.  That means fewer couples to be married at the county building.  So less income for the county.

This week I married a total of 12 couples.  Most were nice, average in love couples. There was one couple who were up to date on technology.  I have had couples have a phone on so distant family could hear the ceremony.  Monday the couple had a phone line open to his father. Also they had a laptop to use Skype for other family members.  That was pretty cool.

My last wedding Wednesday was very upsetting.  In the state of California if someone younger that 18 wants to marry, they must petition the court.  I hate this rule/law that will allow under age marriages. Clerk R brought me the license and the birth date for the bride was 1994.  The bride was born in December 1994.  Do the math, she is 16.  I went out to R and said the bride is too young to marry.  And she said, "We have court papers, it is legal."  I said, "I have to see them."  As first that ticked off R, she thought I was doubting her.  No, I had to see those papers for my heart.

Oh, did I mention the bride had a month old baby?  That means she was 15 when the groom who is 20 got her pregnant. They did not seemed thrilled to be marrying, yet her mother was happy.  They didn't hold hands or kiss after the ceremony.

After the ceremony I talked to the clerks about the wedding.  We decided he cut a deal with Mama or the court.  He would marry her if they dropped the statutory rape charges. I don't know that of course.  As it says above,  I Have No Endings.