Sunday, May 11, 2014

Fences and a few trees

As I walk I see lots of things: trees, flowers, abandoned houses, regular walkers, and fences. There are all kinds of fences.  San Leandro has a lot of wrought iron fences, railings, screen doors, and trim on houses. No where have I seen wrought iron used like it is here.  Some salesman 50 + years ago made a ton of money.

The houses in our area were built anytime from the late 1800's up to the 1940's.  The fences are of all types, not necessary fitting the period of the house.

This is a very large orange tree with a traditional picket fence.

This a a grapefruit tree behind a rusty chain link fence with ugly slats.

This is a Eureka lemon tree with a chain link fence.

A lemon tree netted to keep birds from eating the blooms.  Citrus trees have blooms, green fruit, and ripe fruit all at the same time.

Wrought iron that is decorative.  It is too low to keep out intruders.  And a small dog could go through the bars.  

Some wrought iron is very old and very rusty.

A lovely front porch.

This fence is on a corner and goes all the way around. It is too low to be anything but pretty.

I love the grapes on this fence.  And I love that the house is trimmed in this weird blue.

A really pretty fence that is beginning to rust.

This is a wooden fence with stained glass caps on the posts.

Close up of the cap.

I always smile when I get to this wrought iron fence.  Lions and grapes, what isn't to love.

Now I have shown you the fruit trees and different types of fences.  What to show you next time?Maybe I'll take pictures of the businesses I walk by.  

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