Thursday, May 8, 2014

Kaiser, not that one, the school

Tuesdays for 13 years I have volunteered at Kaiser Elementary School.  This year I have rarely been there with all the drama of my health issues.  That is a really bad thing.  Young children need consistency in their life.  If I say I will be there Tuesday at 9:00, I better be there.  This year I have had no consistency.  And when there, my energy level has been low and I haven't been myself.

After a lot of thought, talking to Marty and friends, I decided not to go back this the year.  I have missed months and that is just not good for the children.  I will miss them.  But they need someone who shows up and can keep up with their energy level. 

I hope to be able to go back in August for the new school year.  I really do like working with first graders.  Those hugs are awesome. 

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Janet Rudolph said...

Next year.... you're not going this year for all the right reasons --for the children..