Friday, June 27, 2014

And More Weddings

There are a couple more weddings from Monday I want to share with you all.

I had first, a sighing bride. Dictionaries usually define a sigh as a cry, relief something is over, or even sadness.  This sigh was  tender, happy, full of love.  After the bride said her vows, she gave this sweet sigh .  It was the most heartfelt, happy, loving sound I have ever heard. 

The next couple had a large group.  I asked is everyone here.  And of course,  the answer was no.  But this time I wasn't upset.  Grandmother had gone to the bathroom, and since she is 98 she takes a little longer.  We waited and then we all started laughing.  Here came Grandmother rushing toward us pushing her wheelchair.  They got her to sit in the chair and they pushed her onto the elevator.  This wedding was already fun.

The bride wore a white lace knee length dress.  It had cap sleeves and a scoop neck. The skirt was a lined lace semicircle.  The bride's jewelry was stunning.  She wore a mother of pearl and turquoise necklace.  The turquoise was set to look like little leaves between each oblong mother of pearl part.  Her earrings were Mother of pearl. 

The bride cried and the groom wiped her eyes and hugged her.  She was so happy and so emotional.  After the ceremony she asked if she could hug me.  Of course she got to, hugs are my big payment for volunteering. 

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