Sunday, April 12, 2015

A short update

I haven't updated for a couple of weeks.  Not since the scan fiasco.  There isn't a lot to tell you all.  My chemo sessions are not making me sick as the pre Christmas chemo did.  And that is the great news.

I feel pretty good, slight nausea and very tired.  I take a pill and the nausea goes away.  I am eating well, maybe too well.  Cheetos showed up on my plate this week!  YUMMMY!  The tiredness is helped by scattered naps through the day.  I sometimes almost forget I have cancer.  The tiredness is sort of strange.  I feel weak inside, as if I were boneless, it really is hard to describe the feeling.

One other possible side effect is I am wobbly and dizzy, more so then usual.  This could be from my long standing inner ear problem, heart and blood pressure medicine, the chemo, or all of them. What ever it is, it highly entertains Marty when I walk into a door, bounce off a wall, or grab banisters and furniture in order to stay upright.  He is not entertained when I grab him and nearly pull him down as I start leaning and can't stop. 

I am doing more of the cooking since I am feeling better.  I help with the laundry, I even have been changing the sheets. I admit some things I could do more often, such as dusting and maybe even run the sweeper, but I tell myself I am sick with cancer.  Why should I do things I hate now?  After a couple of days I talk myself into dusting and feel saintly for doing it.

 I feel stronger, but not totally normal.  But I will take it.  Almost normal is great.

A huge amount of pancreatic cancer patients don't make it 6 months after they are diagnosed.  I have passed that 6 months and into my 7th month.  Is it the treatment, was it found earlier than most people's, it is prayers?  I don't know, but I am betting on prayers.

Prayer warriors keep up the good work.

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