Friday, June 19, 2015

Good news on a couple of fronts

This week I had lab work on Monday, Tuesday I had chemo, and Wednesday morning the dreaded CT scan.  Regular readers know all the trouble I have had with the last two CT scans. I was really scared to have another one.  And in a normal case a CT scan is no big deal.

The first time I was poked and poked and the idiot couldn't hit a vein, then the IV line leaked.  The next time they had a hissy fit over my port and didn't want to use it.  Then they caught the IV line and nearly pulled my port out of my chest.  The topper, they ripped the line and dye went in my ears, eyes, mouth, down my back, into my hair (yes I had hair then) and all over the floor.  Yes I was really scared Wednesday.

When I checked in I EXPLAINED the port had an access line for them and to get the person who hooks me up now.  I would not wait over an hour this time.  I was taken back and glory hallelujah, a different team appeared.  I carefully told them everything that had happened the last two times and that I would hurt them if it happened again.  I also told them I had friends waiting with Bail money if I needed it. 

This team was horrified with what I had been through.  They calmed me down, and said nothing would go wrong.  They called the radiologist doctor to access my port line.  The doctor was so sweet to me.  He held my hand and said all would be OK.   They took good care of me and nothing went wrong.  Three minutes and it was over.  I have the names of the team and was told I could request appointments with them.  Trust me, I will ask for them.

Then the wait for the results began.  If not Kaiser, a patient could wait days for the results.  But with Kaiser I had an email in 5 hours and in 6 hours my oncologist called me with more details.  The tumor is smaller, everything else is the same and in the normal range.  I am one lucky girl.

Thank you Prayer Warriors!  You are great.  You give me comfort, humor, and better health.  God Bless You. 

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