Sunday, June 28, 2015

Health Update with some other stuff

This has been a busy week, some good, some not so good.  I posted last week about the great news of the tumor being smaller.  I earlier had posted about my leg infection that was clearing up.  Well, that didn't continue.

I talked to the advice nurse and had a phone appointment with a doctor on last Sunday.  I had finished the antibiotic and the swelling and redness began to increase.  They started me on another 10 day round of antibiotics, a different one from what I had been on.  Monday I went into oncology for my weekly lab work.  I told them what was going on, the nurse checked my legs, and then said not to go home yet.  She wanted my oncologist to check me out.  The decision had to be made on whether or not I had chemo on Tuesday.  

The doctor looked at my legs and talked to Marty and me.  She knew we were leaving on our Amtrak adventure on Wednesday.  She said no chemo, (so I will have 2 weeks off)  with the infection I might have more side effects and that could ruin my trip.  She changed the antibiotics back to the one Baylor hospital had put me on.  It had fewer side effects and we knew I had done well on it.

So here I am in San Diego a week later with ankles most of the time and very little redness.  ( I will do another post about Amtrak and San Diego later this week.)  I have had no trouble with the antibiotic and it seems to be doing the job for me.  We will see how things go when I finish the bottle later this week.

A little bit about San Diego.  I am walking in the pool everyday.  I am eating well and often. I feel good and not as tired.  Our wonderful friends/hosts Richard and Luis are really taking good care of me.  We eat out, Richard cooks for me, and today Luis' family is coming for a pool party and to see me. 

Internet is spotty, I thinks our computers are home bodies and don't like traveling.  I will post a blog with pictures when we get home.  I don't want to be in the middle of posting and lose internet connection for several hours.  That is not good for my blood pressure.

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