Monday, December 7, 2015

Settling Into a Routine

After a little more than a week since I came home with Hospice, we have settled into a routine.  We have four days that Hospice comes in to help and the other days its Erik and Marty help.  You would not believe the equipment that we have set up in our living room,  Hospital bed, walker, compressed oxygen machine, tray table, etc. 

So how am I doing?  My torso is so swollen that if you stuck a pin in it I would fly around the room like a deflating balloon.  I am able to stand with a walker steadier than last week.  The further I get from chemo the more I can eat.  I am getting some of my appetite back.  My voice is still a little raspy but is a little better.  When I sit in a chair I feel pretty good but when I get on the walker I  feel so tired.  I have no pain just this bloated discomfort.  If I have pain, Mr. Morphine is in the cabinet. 

Healthy visitors are welcome for brief visits.  I enjoy them so much but talking wears me out.  I am rarely posting on Facebook or email.  Marty reads me the comments that I get.  So prayer warriors continue praying for Marty and me through this tough time.  GO WARRIORS!!!


Nancy Alvey said...

I was just think about yhe 2 if u last nite & was going to communicate today. We r happy to hear u r able to get up & move around & that ur appetite is still improving. Are u on a restricted diet? Our love, many hugs & kisses to u both. We continue to pray daily!๐Ÿ˜๐Ÿ˜˜๐Ÿ™

Nancy Alvey said...

oops forgot to proof read!