Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Last week we took our trip to San Diego. We left on Thursday and came home on Monday. If you check ROAD TRIP!!!!!!!!!! you will find out about the trip down. It was a very relaxing vacation.

We stayed with friends Richard and Luis. They own a lovely home on the top of a mountain in Mt. Helix. We ate out a couple of times, Richard cooked, I cooked once, and there were a couple of meals with Luis' family. One family meal at his Mother's and one cookout at his home.

We ate one killer meal at Inn at the Park

When the four of us eat together, it is like family. We taste food from each other's plates. We share and discuss the food. Not that night. If you keep clicking on the menu you will see the food we had. I had the gazpacho and the lobster and peach tower, which was drizzled with a bourbon vinaigrette. The others had mussels, lamb stew, fish, short ribs, scallops. They shared tastes. I told them I would stab them with my fork if they came near my plate. The donut peaches with the vinaigrette were like eating candy. The lobster was good, but oh my word the peaches. The plate was beautiful, tasted like heaven, and I have no regrets for hogging it all.

We ate lunch out the next day and it was on the water. Lovely view and nice food. Nothing to stand out though.

Halloween we went to Luis' Mother to see all the grandchildren dressed up. But the dogs were dressed up too, and Moms and Dads. Wonderful costumes. After they trick or treated we had supper there. Luis' Dad cooked an Aztec dish ( they are of Aztec ancestry). The main ingredient is a grain called Huizontles also called Quelites. This is a stalk of a wheat like grain. Several stalks are tied together, dipped in a batter with cheese and steamed in a sauce used for chile rellenos. To eat this is a feat in itself. You pick up a stalk and either pull the grain off with your fingers or teeth. A fork won't do it, trust me I tried. I thought eating ribs was messy, this is way messier. I went through at least a dozen napkins. I had stuff on my face, on my hands, and down my arms. No way can you be neat and eat this. But truly worth the drip. A great meal.

Sunday was the family get together. There were about 30 of us. It was your basic hamburger cookout with Mexican touches. Luis made a shrimp cerviche, I made potato salad. Early on we had Bloody Marys and a lovely Mexican drink, Micheletos. Micheletos are basically Bloody Marys made with beer. And they are very nice. I can't wait to go to a Mexican restaurant and order one. Of course I will have to take my sheet with the name written down in order to pronounce it.

We had such a relaxing time. We slept late, ate well, and enjoyed being with our good friends. We had a great time.

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