Sunday, November 16, 2008


Sunday afternoon we had a potluck lunch at a friend's house. It was in honor of the missing A TEAM members from New Orleans. The A TEAM and some of the neighbors got together to welcome them home, if just for the week. There were seventeen of us gathered together. Neighbors still on the hill, Marty and I who have moved down the hill, and the guests of honor, the Gramms. A good group who always has a good time together.

Lots of great food, boy can that neighborhood cook. Every time we get together I tell them we need to do a cookbook. Dave and Nancy brought guacamole, we all make guacamole. But theirs had a crisper/fresher taste. Maybe it was the lime juice and lime zest. Most people just use lemon juice and no zest. It was soooo good. Then Lorraine brought a curry rice salad. And the base of this great dish you ask, lowly Rice a Roni. It was fantastic. We stole the bowl and put it on our table. Everyone brought great food. And the wine was great. We cried, we laughed, we made plans for future events in New Orleans.

It was a lovely day. And we were home by 6:00. It felt like midnight. Dark, dark, dark. I really hate the short winter days. I know it is still technically autumn, but dark at 5:20 makes it winter to me.

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