Saturday, August 31, 2013

Bad Neighbors

I am growing to hate one of our neighbors.  It was so quiet when we move in.  Then this spring the single Mom's Baby Daddy aka BD moved in.  He has a job, he takes her son to school some days.  He takes care of their little boy.  But he has noisy friends, and he comes home at 3:00 in the morning.

Sometimes he carpools.  His ride comes roaring, literally, in to the front of their apartment, honks the horn and yells for him.  Really, they don't have a cell phone to say they are there?  Like no one heard them arriving from a mile away.  We are talking about a really loud souped up varoom varoom.  On weekends Baby Daddy seems to party. 

Last night was the worst.  At 10:30 P.M. the honking and yelling began.  BD came running down and they took off.  At 2:45 I awoke to a loud car coming onto our street.  The car lights hit our bedroom window and it roared into a parking spot.  Since I am awake, I made a bathroom run.  The bathroom window looks at BD's apartment across the parking lot.  Four men are at the door, no lights are on.  OK he has forgotten his key again.  I have seen him crawl through the window in the daytime.  Back to bed I go.  I then worry maybe they are breaking in and it isn't BD.  I get back up and go look out the window again.  Lights are on and single mom is talking to them.  I go back to bed and go to sleep.

Sleep didn't last long,  Another car arrives with bright lights, loud motor, and doors slamming.  The party continues.  I go back to sleep finally, and then the damn cars leave.  I am awake again.  I think finally I can get a little sleep.  Wrong.

At 5:30 the idiots across the street set off their car alarm and upset all the dogs in the neighborhood.  And Marty, he slept through all of this.


Sue T. said...

At least YOUR bad neighbors haven't resulted in a huge SWAT team armed with machine guns closing off your entire street and storming in to arrest a possibly violent felon... yet, anyway...

Becky | Apples of Gold said...

This made me laugh!
I know the feeling, except I've (thankfully) been able to sleep through all the noise. We have a sound machine that lulls us to sleep and helps drown out all the mid-night "backyard" shenanigans.
Nevertheless, there are nights (and days) when I hear it all and it annoys me to no end.