Thursday, August 29, 2013

Slow slow Monday

I had just become used to lots of weddings and Monday it slowed to a crawl,  I did only 4 ceremonies and Clerk A did maybe 3 Spanish.  I got a lot of my book read.  The ceremonies I did had no real stand out craziness or high emotion. 

There were a couple of different moments.  The bride's black and white dress was low cut over her enormous bosom. She had put black netting across her cleavage.  The cleavage that was showing through the netting had to been 8 inches long.

I looked at a license and went wow. One of the brides was born in 1932 and the other bride was born in 1928.  I thought these women will be all sentimental about finally being able to marry.  Wrong. they wanted the shortest fastest ceremony I had.  I was a bad girl, I did not tell them it only took 3 sentences to be married.  But I did do a very short ceremony.

Marriage Desk Clerk D had an interesting and stupid request.  A bride had hyphenated her name to let's say Brown-Jones.  A couple of weeks later she wants to change it to Jones-Brown.  She goes to the Court House to change it.  The clerk there told the couple they need to get an amendment from the Marriage Desk.  Wrong, they need a lawyer and have to file paperwork.  Anyway they show up and D tells them what they have to do, they argue the Court House had  said . . .  Clerk D wrote a note explaining what the Court House and the couple have to do and sent the couple back.  They didn't come back so I hope the Court House people figured it out.

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