Saturday, August 3, 2013


Rock Wall Event, no I was not climbing a cliff.  You know me  better than that, Rock Wall is a wine  company. When Hank and Ann were here last month we went to Rock Wall to taste.  Marty joined the wine club because joining was free and he and 2 guests could do a flight tasting free.  We are all about free. 

Last night Rock Wall had their August Pick Up Party.  Members came by to get their wine and do wine tasting with cheese, fruit, and salami.

 There were 10 wines to taste and the food was plentiful.  We got to take the monogrammed glasses home.  All that for $5, it seemed like a deal for a fun Friday night. 

When we arrived they directed us and others to the wrong building.  We found the correct building and there was a line.  500 members are invited and they have one person checking us in and one handing us our wine glass.  Not great planning.  At no time during the evening did anyone welcome the group or tell us about the wines available.  It was put on the wrist band and go over there, next.

The first wine table we said hello and the guy just looked at us.  There were two types of wine on the table.  Marty finally asked if he was pouring.  Yes, and nothing.  We had to ask to have some wine.  Weird. 

The other tables were friendly but we felt they didn't know anything about the wines.  One asked us what was being poured. 

I was a little grumpy about the crowd.  Wine tasting is an adult experience.   Yet there were children running through the crowd and there were strollers.

This woman was pretty polite.  She went behind people and watched where she was going.  Another woman was usually turned away from the stroller talking to friends.  But she kept moving the stroller back and forth and then she would swing it to another side and not look. She missed me by a hair.

We tasted, ate good cheese, and walked around.  No one was there to talk about the equipment or the process.  This was a warehouse and processing area.  But they had one decorative item.

This  painting was on the roof of an office area.
The wine is not the best in the world.  The Zinfandels had an OK taste, but most had a medicinal aroma.  The worst tasting one was a $40 bottle.  The sparkling wines were bland, just cold and bubbly.  One of the Chardonnays was pretty good, but not $25 OK.  I would have preferred a Diet Coke.
We had a fairly nice time.  We picked up our two bottles we had to buy as club members.  One more wine release and we can cancel our membership.  That money can be spent at Costco's wine section way better.


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