Thursday, July 10, 2014

Cincinnati Chili killed a wedding gift

Tuesday Lisa Kay, my niece, posted on Facebook a picture of Papa Jack, Yolanda, and Lisa's daughters eating  Cincinnati Chili.   They were at a Skyline Chili parlor.  Marty and I looked at the picture and drooled just a little bit.  We love Cincinnati Chili.  Marty has a great recipe he makes, but that is hours of cooking.  I have secret seasoning packets that family sends me periodically.  I add meat and sauce and I have chili.  My chili is quick only about an hour and a half of cooking.  So I made chili!

After everything is dumped into a pot, the directions say to beat the ground beef with a fork.  That is to break the meat into tiny pieces.  Big problem when I beat the ground beef, this is what happened.

My cooking fork broke apart.  This was part of some kitchen wedding gifts in 1967.  The fork had given its all, and died on the job.  Poor poor fork.

This is the evil Cincinnati Chili that killed the fork.  If you look closely, you can see large hunks of ground beef that deserves to be beaten.

That said, the chili was so very yummy.  Marty and I like ours served up differently.

Marty likes the three way: pasta, chili, and cheese.

I like the four way chili: pasta, chili, cheese, and chopped onions.  Some people like the five way and add beans on top of the chili.  Neither of us like that.

But back to my poor fork.

Marty is doing a Redneck fix with duct tape.

Looks pretty good, doesn't it?

All fixed and ready to use again.

Well maybe not.

Good bye hard working cooking fork.  Go and be recycled into something wonderful.

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