Saturday, July 5, 2014

Weddings Part 2

As I mentioned before, Monday was a little busier than usual.  Some of the weddings stand out.  One for a not great reason. 

The couple was just silly and insincere, constantly kissing (dipping the bride or she had one foot up) and hugging, then checking the witness was taking pictures of them. I got no feeling of love or caring.  I have seen better acting by Paris Hilton.   I just wanted to smack them.

On to a better couple.  The groom wore a blue suit with a crisp white shirt and blue tie.  The bride's white dress had a gathered chiffon bodice and a lace over chiffon skirt. Their sincere feelings made up for the couple above.  Oh I forgot to tell you we had to wait on the groom before going up to the Wedding Room.  He was busy throwing up because of nerves.  He calmed down as I started the ceremony and was fine after the ceremony.  Now I feel like Gordon Ramsay as I yell  . . . For the first time ever on I Have No Endings, the volunteer witness was found on Reddit.  

The above couple had posted on Reddit asking for a witness.  Getting married on a work day, they didn't think any of their friends could come.  The witness responded and told them how great Alameda County handled weddings.  She had been married at the Marriage Factory 3 months ago.  She met them at the county building, hand held them through the paper work, and was fabulous to them.  I thought they were long time friends until they told me the story. 

I can't wait to see what  next Monday will bring.

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