Thursday, July 3, 2014

Sirens! Fear! and a huge error

Yesterday I was reading a book,  nice and relaxed, thinking I might just take a nap.  Then all HELL broke loose.  Sirens going off, sirens in my stairwell!  The burglar alarm was going off!  Wait a minute, it isn't set, how can it be going off?  And then the front door opened and Marty was home.  What is going on?

He shuts the alarm off and tries to figure why it went off.  I am saying we have to call and stop the company from calling the police.  Then he realizes in pulling his keys out, he hit the panic button.  Oh crap, we will have a SWAT team here any second. 

We start trying to reach the company.  The number we called was closed for the day.  Really the alarm company doesn't take calls 24 hours a day?  This is the number on the sign.  Who to call?  Then I realized the alarm company is to call us before they call the police.  Why isn't the alarm company calling to check on us?  Something is seriously wrong.

Marty went on line and finds the monitoring number and calls.  He identified himself and gave the safe word. The voice on the other end says there was no record of the alarm/panic button going off.  I really was upset then. They aren't monitoring us?  We are paying money and nothing is protecting us except a very loud noise?

This morning Marty talked to the main office and they don't understand why we were told no alarm reported.  They have a record of the alarm going off.  They will be tracking down who took our call and what went wrong with the plan. 

I hope heads will roll!

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