Monday, December 8, 2014

Another Fun Thing

Graduation was a fun event.  Today I did another fun event.  I used to get pedicures every month.  But the economy tanked and skipping the pedicures was a way to cut expenses. I really missed pedicures. I  loved being spoiled, plus after  a certain age bending to trim nails is hard.  Older bodies don't twist and bend easily and I needed help.  OK, maybe a little rationalization going on.

Today my friend Debbie (best nail tech ever) brought her equipment to my home, on her day off no less.  She also filled me in on what's going on in her life and some people I know about.  Gossip, updates, pedicure with a great foot massage . . . a lovely way to spend the morning.

See my pretty toes.  Pity it isn't summer and I could wear open toed shoes.  I will just slip my shoes off quietly and let people discover my toes.  I think the color is called  Hooker Christmas. 

If you need someone to give you pretty toes or finger, contact me and I will share her contact information.  She works in Walnut Creek.  Sorry can't travel to Kentucky or Florida.

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Debbie said...

Thsnk you Janet for giving me a recommendation. I really enjoyed seeing you and look forward to coming over again.