Friday, December 26, 2014

Health updatae

Well, you may have noticed I have been silent for a while.  Last Saturday I was in the  infusion clinic for a treatment and all hell broke loose.  Lightheaded, blurred vision, weak, pounding heart, I was  rushed to ER.  At one point Marty said 7 doctors were working on me.  Heart rate was over 200, that is not a typo. 

From ER I was placed in the Intensive Care Unit.  Finally the A-Fib was stabilized.  But I had infections, and they didn't know what.  So everyone who came in my room had to gown, mask, and glove up.  By the second day they said only wear mask.  The third night I was moved to a regular room.  There I was in protective isolation.  Anyone who came in my room had to wear a mask.  When I was taken for tests, I wore a mask to protect  me from others' germs.

It took a while to identify my infections.  All are very treatable.  I was weak, barely able to turn myself in bed.  When they finally let me up to walk, I needed a walker and 100 feet was a long long walk.  Christmas night they said I was strong enough to go home.  I was terrified.  I could barely walk and they were turning me out.  Of course they were right.

Just the one day I have been home I am much stronger.  I walked lots further today and am doing exercises for swelling in my feet and legs. Marty's food is so much better than hospital food.  Today I have eaten more than I was.

I am now called a frail patient.  Many things wrong, some not fixable.  But I can keep working on getting stronger and have a pretty good life.

Now as for Kaiser . . .  again they saved my life.  They give incredible care.  The hospital did not have an empty bed.  They were overworked and running on holiday staff.  But as far as I felt, I was the only patient there.  Kind, gentle, caring staff.  Thank you Kaiser.

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Debbie said...

Hang in there Janet, I know you can pullthtrough this, you are so strong, stronger than anyone I know. My thoughts and prayers are with you always.