Saturday, December 13, 2014

Fun Stuff Stopped and Kaiser became my number 1 destination

The week started off fairly well, but then things went medical again.  Nausea reared it head again and diarrhea made life awful.  Because I wasn't eating enough and had other issues, I had no energy. I was shaky, whiny, and even had a crying  jag.  Everyone says it is OK to be upset.  But I don't think so, depressed and crying takes a lot of energy.

When I went in for my white cell shots they said I needed to be hydrated.  So for three days when I went for my shot, they hooked me up to an IV.  It did perk me up.  They told me any time I wanted to hydrate to call and they would have me come in.

Mostly I feel weak and tired.  In the past the further I got from Chemo day the better I felt.  Not so much this time.  Sometimes I sleep in the bed, other times I am in the recliner.  It just happens to be where I can get comfortable. 

Tonight we plan to have fun, keep your fingers crossed for me.  We are going to a party.  I have a gorgeous dress, pretty shoes, and a great head piece.  I have little hair but this band of "diamonds" makes you forget the lack of hair. 

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