Thursday, July 2, 2015

Train trip to and from San Diego

Marty and I just returned from our Amtrak trip to San Diego.  I love love trains. While I am able I wanted to visit friends and go by train.  I have way too many pictures and did edit some.  Did I tell you I love love trains. 

Because I must wear a mask around people and I tire easily, Marty booked us a roomette.  That way the mask could come off and I could get in the upper berth to rest.  It was a great fun trip.  Now on to the pictures.

We used our phones a lot.  No Wi-Fi except in the Parlor car, so Marty set up a hot spot with his phone.  When not looking at the beautiful scenery, I read a book on my Ipad.  We also napped.

California has lots of oil fields.  One area was many acres of pumping oil rigs, not the picture above.  This is in Kern County. 

View from the top berth.

Nap time

A foggy day on the Pacific coast line.
The coast line through a dirty window.
When we arrived in LA, all first class passengers were driven to a private lounge to wait for our next train.  Then we were picked up and taken to our loading area.  The lounge had soft drinks, tea, coffee, water, and snacks.  It was a beautiful room, lots of wood, comfortable chairs, and TV.
Business Class on the commuter train to San Diego.  Snacks, drinks, reclining seats with foot rests. 
Our friends wonderful gorgeous home.  It is good to visit here.

Turning around from above picture, the view.  We are looking toward Mexico.  There was a major storm front coming in from Mexico, and it was hazy.

And we are back on the commuter train headed home.  What did we do before we had cell phones?  Oh right, we read books and talked.
My side of the roomette.
Marty's side, he picked it because the plug to charge phones was on that side.
 Gorgeous view

 Winding around horseshoe curves

Marty and me in the Dining Car.  We had a great trip. Talked to interesting people, ate good food, and just enjoyed the ride.  Love train trips.

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