Saturday, September 26, 2015

No Chemo Week

A week ago as I blogged I was one sick chicken.  Things improved, but for an off week, not much.  I still have light nausea, very tired, no energy to do anything.  I take the nausea pill and it helps.  But food has not interested me this week.

Chemo nose and taste buds are back with a vengeance.  Some foods smell so awful I think I will throw up.  And then I taste something and it is just wrong.  Sometimes it tastes really bad, and sometimes it is just is a little off.  Marty keeps cooking stuff to tempt me.  I have even cooked.  Didn't even really like what I cooked.  The really sad part, sometimes this is food I have raved about in the last couple of weeks.  Some days no problem, some days trouble.  Peanut butter and Honey Nut Cheerios still taste fine to me.  Cold milk is good.  Some nights a little wine, some nights I pour mine in Marty's glass.  Every meal is an adventure.

What did I do this week if I am so tired?  Well this was Erik's off week and I did the laundry.  Not a big deal for most folks but it is for me.  I dusted the apartment Friday, we have guests coming today and tomorrow.  Marty is doing the floors and heavy hard stuff. After my little bit of cleaning I was done for the day.   Some days just showering, dressing, and walking take all my energy and I am done before noon, in the chair resting. 

Monday I see my oncologist and will have lab work.  Tuesday I see my  primary care doctor and then have chemo.  If I feel like it my chauffer of the day Kirsten is taking me to lunch. 

So in summary, I am tired, nauseated, have low energy.  This is normal for my condition.  I still am much healthier than I was in December.  In fact to be so sick I am really doing well.  I just have to accept I can't do everything I want to do. 

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