Saturday, September 19, 2015

What do I do all day?

So I can't volunteer anymore and I can barely stand daytime TV.  How do I keep from being bored?  I play on the internet, do the social media thing, or play solitaire. Every now and then I clean.  But mostly I read.  Of course that depends on how chemo brain is doing.  If I am not tracking well, I can't read "good" books, so I read what I call light garbage.  Lately I have been able to read and keep up with the plots.  I recently finished a really fun well written book by Jack Fredrickson.

Disclaimer:  I consider Jack a friend even though we have never met.  I write him fan letters and sometimes we email back and forth.  He also is a Facebook friend.  When I was so very sick in the hospital, he emailed me regularly.  I was too sick to type so Marty would email him back .  That said, if Jack wasn't such a good author I would not be recommending his books.

The Confessors' Club is the latest in the Dek Elstrom series.  Dek's ex father-in-law, who hates him, hires him to investigate the deaths of some powerful men.  Accident, natural causes, or murder?  Well it is a mystery so murder sounds right.  There are lots of twists and turns.  Relationships are pushed and pulled.  We deal with his ex wife and his girlfriend.  We have a high body count, which blood thirsty me always enjoys.

Dek lives in a multistory turret that he is trying to finish up.  And what is the fun of living in a medieval looking building if you can't protect yourself and friends with a medieval process?  Just one of the fun parts of the book.

We have the IRS, local police, out of town police, and the FBI involved.  Dek is pulling the strings together to find who is the bad guy, or is it bad guys.  One of the most tense part of the book is a search of the Confessors' Club.  Will he be caught, shot, or get away with it?

A tree is a character in this book.  And you will really care about the tree.  This is one of Jack's cool touches, he  makes you care about something in the middle of murder and mayhem. 

Jack has a great way with words.  He paints pictures, he keeps us tense, he makes us laugh.  And it is a really good mystery.  The link above is to Amazon, so read the free chapter and get hooked.  Then buy the book.  I do recommend you read the books in order.  Dek and his friends evolve over the several books. But this book and all of his work as stand alones.  If you can't buy, go to the library and have them buy the series. 

I hope you will read this book.  It is very good and well plotted. 

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