Friday, November 20, 2015

Another Midnight Run - The Drama Continues

This week has been another week to try to get some strength.  It has also been one of more side effects of Chemo raising its ugly head.  I still have extreme weakness and dehydration.  I had blood work on Monday and then on Tuesday no Chemo but rather had hydration to give me some fluids.

The twenty six steps  have been a big problem getting me in and out of the apartment.  My legs are so weak it has been a major chore coming and going.  I am trying to walk more and more each day to build my strength back up.  Walking from the living room to the kitchen several times a day is helping.

On Thursday we had something else to deal with.  I was having shortness of breath  late in the day and by 10:00 it was so bad we called the advice nurse.  Must have been a busy day for them because after 30 minutes on the phone, she and the doctor agreed that  we should go to ER to be evaluated. Once again the Kaiser team went to work on me.  They immediately put me on oxygen and did a chest x-ray and an EKG.  IV with fluids to hydrate me and drained me of blood to start the detective work.  Also I did a 15 minute treatment of deep breathing with an albuterol brohodilator to relax my muscles in the airways and increase airflow to the lungs.  More than what you wanted to know right??

After that the doctor came in and said the words that I hate, CT Scan.  It hasn't been but five days since I had that done but they wanted to compare the two.  Since I had trouble breathing they wanted to check for blood clots in the lungs.  Thank goodness, no clots.

All of the problems relate back to Chemo, the tiredness and the weakness. It wan about 12:30 am that all of this was completed so I had to lay and wait for the evaluation.  At about 1:15 the nurse came in and asked if I was ready to go home.  Surprised I said yes.  All of the tests showed no issues other than what we knew so I was ok to be released.  I dressed and we got home about 2 am.

Today I feel a little stronger but it is just a little.  We will see what the next few days have in store as we prepare for Thanksgiving week with a visit from my brother and his wife.  Pray for more strength.

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