Sunday, November 8, 2015

It has been a bad week

This week I have been weak as a kitten. We used a wheelchair to get me in and out of Kaiser.  I just couldn't walk that far.  Chemo went fine.  And they set me up to have two units of blood on Wednesday.  That was supposed to give me more energy.

I was a little nervous about the transfusion  First time things always scare me.  It went well and I had high hopes for a burst of energy.  Didn't happen, if anything I was weaker.   Blood pressure was low, I couldn't walk or stand without help.  Marty was wheeling me to the kitchen, bathroom, where ever I needed to be. He had to lift me off my chair which was hard for him.  I kept collapsing on him.

Then just to make thing better, I developed no warning diarrhea. Not a nice three days.  Today, Sunday, I am a little stronger,  I have walked down the hall several times.  No wheelchair today. 

This is short because it takes energy to think and write.  It is nap time again.

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