Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Color Me Yellow

As far as my health I am hanging in there with same o same o.  I have been told that I look like I got caught in a cheap spray tanning booth.  I am leaning to a shade of orange.  This is just a malfunction of the liver. 

On a happy note I have peach fuzz hair, eyebrows and eye lashes. WOW does that means that I do not have the terminator look anymore.  May be able to get a haircut soon.  :-). 

As far as food I am still pretty picky but pasta dishes seem to be more appealing than others.  

Nothing big and exciting  We have had visitors and we are running on the same schedule everyday.  Hospice continues to take good care of me and Marty.  Please continue with your wonderful prayers.  I enjoy the cards and phone calls that I get.  Makes my spirits lift me up. 

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