Saturday, January 23, 2016

Everything is Same Oh Same Oh

Everyday we do pretty much the same thing.  Mornings is bathroom run, vitals recorded, meds taken and then breakfast.  Most things for breakfast taste  good.  I usually have Honey Nut Cheerios but a couple of times a week Marty fixes eggs and bacon with toast. 

Then its back to the recliner to either rest or take a nap if I have had a bad night.  When I wake up its bathroom run and lunch.  Boost Plus is my usual lunch.  Then a little idiot TV and then dinner time.  I am still a little nauseous at times and take a back-up nausea medication for that.

Marty and I are addicted to Jeopardy so that is our entertainment through dinner.  I am still a very picky eater but I am trying to eat.  Marty still keeps trying to find the magic recipe but it seems like each day my tastes change.  Then during clean up time we watch Wheel of Fortune.  Then its back to the recliner.  I have my meds again and vitals check about 9.  Then its bed-time about 11:30. Sleep has changed in the last week.  I was not sleeping well because all of the bloating around the ribs causes pain at night.  To help this they put me back on small doses of Morphine.  That seems to work because I am sleeping during the night now. 

So you see unless I have visitors, every day is about the same as the next day.  Overall the nurse says I am doing really well.  So I am still hanging in there.  We really appreciate the cards, Facebook, out of state phone calls, Skype, texts and email from everyone.  Thanks again for your prayers too.  Strength comes from all of you. 

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