Saturday, October 23, 2010

Another Recipe to Test

Last night Marty and I cooked a thank you lobster dinner for friends Karl and his wife, Kirsten.  Karl, who is a contractor, was a huge help replacing 8 windows before we put the house on the market.  And Kirsten helped me pack up stuff so that closets and cabinets would look bigger. 

For the dessert course we cooked Pineapple Upside Down Cake (PUDC). We were testing another recipe for America's Test Kitchen.  We were excited about baking this cake.  We both love PUDC, but never make it.  This is a cake from the 50's and 60's that went out of style.  PUDC was the go to cake in that period of time. Now PUDC is showing up on restaurant menus again.

There are lots of pictures of the process.  Many more than I usually post.  It just seemed like there were more elements to show for this recipe.

 We used frozen pineapple, added brown sugar and butter and caramelized it.  We had never used frozen pineapple before.  We always have used canned or fresh.
 Marty doing his flip the ingredients thing.
 Butter and fat free sour cream mixed together.  Not sure why fat free if you are using butter.

 Marty mixing up good stuff.
 He cooked the cake in a cast iron skillet.  And he really buttered the skillet as you can see.
 The caramalized pineapple goes in first, even though that is the top of the cake.  Remember, upside down.
 All the other ingredients are being mixed in together.
 The batter is poured over the pineapple. No pictures showing this, but after this part we licked the bowl.
 Using the cake tester to check if done.  It came out clean, so ready to cool the cake.
 The cake cooling on top of the stove.
 Ready to plate.  Place the cake plate on top and get ready to flip the skillet.
 It is flipped.  Now will the cake come out of the pan???
 YES!  The pineapple is now on top and looks great.
                                                                           TA DA!
 Kirsten with her slice of cake.
 Karl with his cake.  And my slice waiting for me.
And Marty enjoying the fruits of his labor.

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