Sunday, October 10, 2010


It is Fleet Week.  And all week the Blue Angels have been flying all over the Bay Area.  They are fast, they are loud, they are incredible. Marty and I went into the city today to watch them perform.  Usually we watch them from our side of the Bay, but today we wanted to get the experience of the noise and the crowds.

I took 92 pictures of the air show.  Don't worry, I am only posting a few of them.  You will have to click on each picture to enlarge them.  Otherwise you will just see specks.  These planes were so fast and so quickly out of sight that my iPhone was working overtime.

  The crowd on the pier.  The show is beginning with a vintage plane.
 All the planes coming up over the hill, low at first and then high and gone.  I was told they fly only 18 inches apart.
      The smoke helped us spot them.  It was very exciting to watch.
                             All of them straight up and then down on a curve.
                                                                   And it continues
           A small child beside us said this (when completed) looked like Mickey's ears.
                                                                       Just amazing.
And then we took BART home.  It was packed.  And hot, the AC wasn't working.  The car was full when we got on.  We were standing and two lovely young men got up and gave us their seats.  They even rearranged people so we could sit together.  Then one of the young men became our new best friend.  He was intrigued by my Southern accent.  We talked, and then he saw me on facebook on my IPhone.  He said he had to be my friend.  He took my phone, put his name in, and is now my new friend.

This is how we spent the time while our Open House was going on.  We had fun in the City.  Loved the Blue Angels as always.  And made a new friend.  Not a bad day.

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