Sunday, October 24, 2010


Wednesday, October 20, 2010, in the Asian community was a lucky day to marry.  If you were married before noon.  I don't start until 1:00, so I missed all the fun.  Staff was run off their legs.  Me, not so much.

My first couple was cute.  We got on the elevator and the bride grabbed the groom's arm and joked she was afraid he was going to run.  I joked that's why we have the deputy with the big gun in the lobby, to catch the runners.  There were two men in the elevator with us.  They told the groom they were back up to the deputy.

One couple was very typical.  They did not check the license when told to.  When the witness was signing after the ceremony, she said her name was spelled wrong.  And whose fault is that?  Not ours.  We do not print until the couple says everything is correct. The clerk types exactly what she is told.  The couple then looks at the computer screen and say yes, that is correct.  So, we had to reprint and everyone had to re sign the license.  This couple was so in love.  They had been together for 20 years.  Both the bride and the groom cried throughout the ceremony.

I only had one couple dressed "for a wedding".  The bride wore a creamy, street length, chiffon sheath.  The groom wore a tux. Their witness was all about the cameras.  She had a video camera on a tripod to run throughout the ceremony.  And she had a huge Nikon with a big flash on top of it.  She took at least a hundred pictures during the ceremony.  I offered to take a picture of everyone.  She handed me the camera with the special attachments.  I nearly dropped it, this thing weighed a ton.

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