Friday, October 15, 2010


Marty and I have no grandchildren.  But we have several pretend grandchildren.  And that is pretty wonderful.  You have children who love you and you love them back.  You get hugs and kisses, and sometimes temper tantrums.  You get to go to school on Grandparents' Day and share that special day with them.

Yesterday we drove up to Davis so we could go to school today with Hall, our nephew.  Hall is a first grader and asked us to come since his real grandparents all live in Ky.  We were honored to be asked.  Below are lots of pictures of our time with Hall, and his sisters Annabella and Ava.  I took nearly 40 pictures.  Don't worry, I can self edit and you will only have 10 to look at.

 Marty and 2 month old Ava.  She loves to be held.  We are all thrilled to hold her.
 As soon as we arrived, Bella was waiting for us to come play with her.  She was so excited we were having a sleep over together.  She is waiting here for me to read to her.
 Colonel Daddy.  I didn't get any pictures of Tres the last time we visited.  This time Mom was left out.  I guess we will have to keep going up until I get pictures of everyone.
 The program at school began with a Mass.  Yes a Catholic School.  Marty and I are protestant.  We sat in the back row so we could fake our way through the service.  Man, Catholics get up and down a lot.  And their service is really really long.  We go to an early service that is 45 minutes or less.  Not used to that much ceremony.  It was a nice service.  The children were very involved in the service.
                      This is Hall in his classroom.  The children are singing a song with hand motions.
                                    Hall and Uncle Marty working on an art project together.
   Hall and Aunt Janet with the art project.  Notice my ID badge, Hall's picture.
 Here Hall is writing a note to Marty and me that will go into the decorated bag. 
                                                      This is a life size self portrait of Hall.
During the concert which closed the day's activities, Bella was bored.  She had had all the fun a three year could stand.  So Bella took pictures of me taking pictures of her.  She was so careful with the camera.  She wrapped the strap around her arm so if the camera dropped, it wouldn't hit the floor.

We had a great time Thursday night and Friday morning. The adults talked and drank wine.  The children played and made us feel happy. It was so very special for Hall to ask us to go to school with him.  He hugged us and even kissed us in front of his friends.  A lot of little boys won't do that.  He almost made me cry.  We have already been asked to go next year, if they are still at Travis.  I hope they are here.  This was fun.

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