Saturday, June 4, 2011

Born on this day, June 3

June 3 is a day of births from Kings to ordinary people. George V in 1865 and me in 19 ?? . . . Birthdays are a big deal in my family.  You don't have to make the bed.  You can sleep in.  You are spoiled all day.  Yesterday was great. Phone calls started before I woke up, and are still coming in.  Friends in Texas woke us up this morning.  My wall on Facebook was full of good wishes. Snail mail brought lots of cards. Wonderful Marty brought me a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich for lunch.  And then he prepared an incredible dinner.

Lobster, corn on the cob,  (I cooked the next one) artichokes with curry mayonnaise, lemons from our tree, and gallons of clarified butter.  If you are a fan of PETA or you don't want to know where your protein comes from,  you might want to skip the rest of this blog. 

 The lobsters were huge.  One was 2 pounds, the other 2 1/2 pounds. The one Marty is about to grab was trying for an escape. 
 In the pot to be steamed.  You can see one is trying to get out.  Marty put the lid on and about 10 seconds later the lobster kicked it off.  The lid was held on for a few crucial seconds.
 The Birthday Girl watching dinner being prepared.  A nice show it was.
 The white on one claw is the lobster "blood" that has cooked and leaked out.  It looks like un lumpy cottage cheese.  Before it is cooked it looks like egg whites.  It is edible and high in vitamins and minerals.  I don't eat much of it, but Marty uses it like butter.
 Empty bowl for shells and artichoke leaves.  Almost ready to sit down and eat.  A couple of things are missing.                                                                  

Below is a picture of the completed meal.  The first bowl of melted butter,  and the wine.  Now we are ready to eat.    Grab your claw crackers and begin.                                                                                                  
 In case you didn't catch the wine label.  Flowers is one of our favorite wineries.  The artichoke is huge, bigger than a saucer.
After the meal. The bowl is full of shell, napkins, lemon rinds, and artichoke leaves.  I had just taken my last bite.  We had gone through about 4 napkins each. Lobster juice is everywhere. The place mats are toast.  My glasses are splattered with lobster juice, and I had dripped butter down my front. Marty had lobster on his cheek.  I love meals that make you work for the taste of goodness.

Thank you Marty for a luscious excellent meal.  What's for supper tonight???

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vallerose said...

Belated happy birthday. What, no cherries? Nothing better than artichokes with real melted butter. Never heard of Flowers-will have to try them.