Monday, June 20, 2011

Marty's Father Day

Sunday Marty went to see Green Lantern with our son Erik.  Erik spent the day with us and then went to dinner with us that evening.  His wife was helping a friend who had had surgery and couldn't join us.

We spent the afternoon in the kitchen learning how to use some apps on our iPhones.  Erik helped load an app that is a scanner for qr codes.  Erik and Marty say the code is the wave of the future.  We will see.  Erik also gave us hints on how to win on Angry Birds. Did you know if you touch the bird in flight it becomes multiple birds? 

                                                     My boys love their tech stuff. 

                                                      On the patio at A Cote

.                                         Our little boy with his Colgate smile.

Never go to dinner without your iPhone.  We had to google the wine list and some items on the menu.  We could have asked the server, but where is the fun in that?

Just some of the wonderful small plates we shared.  Mussels in an incredible spicy broth with bread to dip.  Fries with an aioli sauce.  We also had yummy fried calamari, smoked pork tenderloin, corn soup (we shared one bowl, I wanted one just for me), gnocchi not my favorite, and Croqued Monsieur (that would be a ham and grilled cheese which I could have done better).   The small plates gave everyone a taste.  The mussels and corn soup were my favorite.  The best part of this meal, part of the bill was covered by a gift certificate.  Thanks Kat and Duane.

Marty said it was a great day.  It was very special to have Erik spend the day with us.  Your child may grow up.  But in your heart they stay your little boy and you want time with them.  That time was the special gift to Marty.

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Erik Appel said...

Just to be clear, there are multiple tyoes of birds. Some put on a burst of speed when you tap the screen, some explode (they'll explode on contact if you do nothing), and then there's the ones that split.

I'm glad you all had fun. I expect to hear about dad buying the full version of Angry Birds soon.