Saturday, June 18, 2011

Finally, weddings

Wednesday I was finally well enough to go in and do some weddings.  There was not a lot of action.  Maybe that was a good thing, it was my first day up all day for nearly two weeks. 

The first wedding was fun.  The bride and groom were very calm and business like until the vows.  The bride got the giggles saying her vows and then he got the giggles.  But at the ring ceremony they became very serious again.  I offered to take pictures of the couple and their witness.  Turns out the groom is the vain one.  I took 6 or 7 pictures before there was one he liked.  His eyes were closed, not really.  His smile was crooked.  He wasn't smiling. . .   At last I took one he was happy with.

The other couple were Indian.  She  wore a chiffon shift with traditional leggings. One female guest was in jeans and a silky top.  The other female guest was in a blue jeweled sari with leggings.  The best dressed guests were two little girls.  One was wearing a pink flowered A Line dress with leggings and Mary Janes.  The other little girl was in a traditional gold lame dress with leggings. This was a brushed look and not shiny.  She wore little gold slippers. 

The couple had done their cultural wedding, and this was just for the legalities.  Usually in this type of wedding, the couple has no interest in the civil ceremony.  They just want it over and hand them their certified copy of the license please.  Not this couple.  They considered this as important as the cultural ceremony.  They saved exchanging their rings for the civil ceremony.  They wanted something memorable for this, their real wedding.

Only two weddings, and that was probably a good thing.  I was exhausted when I got home.  Here's hoping Monday there will be lots and lots of couples to marry.

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