Friday, June 10, 2011

Weddings this week?

Well no,  no weddings by me.  I have been fighting an icky, nasty, awful cold all week.  I did not go in Monday or Wednesday to the Marriage Factory.  The way I am coughing I was sure people would run if I came near them.

Tuesday, as I wrote earlier, I went to school.  I felt pretty good Tuesday, and then it was down hill.  I have done little all week except sleep in the bed or in my recliner.  I am better.  But just not 100% yet.

If I perk up and do anything exciting, I will post.

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Sue T. said...

Joe did 10 weddings yesterday. With one of them, there was a mistake on one couple's marriage paperwork that wasn't caught before he left. It was dated May instead of June. I had to pick him up at work and give him a ride back to the HoR so he could sign the revised version.