Friday, September 2, 2011

Finally, lots of wedding

Yes, Monday was a busy day.  It started really slow and I thought yuck, another day of reading and not marrying.  And then all hell broke loose, in a good way.  The lobby filled up and staff and I were marrying couples right and left.  I married 9 couples, most who showed up after 3:00.  I usually am done by 4:15.  Not Monday, I left the building at 5:00.  If they are punched in by 4:00 they will have a marriage ceremony.

I will share a few from Monday.  The first couple were in their mid 20's and were wearing braces.  The groom wore a midnight blue suit, that the bride had picked out.  The bride wore midnight blue floor length chiffon dress.The groom had picked it out. The straps were beaded and she had a chiffon scarf around her neck that hung down her back .  The groom was soooooooo shy.  He would barely talk to me and that caused a problem.  When I asked, "Do you take this woman?", nothing.  Not a sound.  And suddenly the bride punched him and said, "Tell her I do!"  So he did.

One bride wore a knee length dress.  The top was red, white, black smocking with spaghetti straps.  The skirt was tiers of black chiffon.  She had a red sash at the waist.    Another bride wore a grey dress and carried pink carnations.  The groom had on a grey suit and had a pink carnation boutonniere.  They had such a crisp sharp look. 

And now to my favorite wedding of the week.  The bride was 7 1/2 months pregnant and looked gorgeous , the groom was tall and handsome.  Their witness had a huge thick bandage on his right arm. It went from his knuckles to his elbow.   He was to be the camera man.  He balanced the camera on his bandage and pushed the button with his left arm  He was right handed so this was a little hard for him.

The wedding began.  The bride was throwing the most outrageous flirty looks to the groom.  He is just melting from the love.  I am getting goose bumps watching the two of them.  As I start to pronounce them married a rap song starts playing.  It is the witness' phone.  {sidebar That was my fault.  I always ask for phones to be put on mute, except I forgot to this wedding.} The witness is suddenly jumping up and down, throwing his hips to the left, and trying not to drop the camera.  We all start laughing at him.  He has one good hand, he can't reach the phone, and we don't offer to help him.  It looked like he was doing some crazy dance.  We laughed until we cried.  The phone stopped ringing, he quit dancing, and I pronounced the couple married.

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