Friday, September 23, 2011

Strange Wedding Date

Monday we only had two couples who wanted to be married.  The first couple the groom was 60 and the bride B was 50.  The groom told us he woke up B and said, "Get dressed, we are getting married today".  Then he told us that Monday's date, September 19, was the date he had married his ex wife.  That was 30 years ago.  Wife two had no problem with the date.  They looked at the date as an ending to the first marriage and a new beginning for this marriage. The clerks and I felt it was just weird.

To buy a marriage license each person has to present a current government issued picture ID. The next couple had brought a Mexican birth certificate and an International ID. That is what it said across the top, International ID.  Problem, the name on the birth certificate and the ID don't match.  Another problem, the International ID says not a government issued ID. Yet the card had a California government logo on the bottom. 

The clerk started asking questions.  Do you have a California driver's license or ID?  No, it was stolen.  Do you have a Mexican passport?  No, it was stolen. Any government ID?  No it was stolen.  A work ID?  No, it was stolen.  How did you get the ID you have now?  He ordered a birth certificate from Mexico and bought the international ID from a Notary Public here in Oakland. A  Notary Public can not create and sell IDs. That would be illegal.  Can you say illegal resident?

No, we did not sell them a license. 

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