Sunday, September 25, 2011

Wedding outfits

Wednesday two brides each made a fashion statement.  The first bride certainly stood out and everyone was talking about her.  Clerks found business to do out front just to look at this woman. 
You know how yellow a banana is?   Well not bright enough to describe this outfit. Maybe daffodil yellow.  It was really really bright.  She had on a yellow picture hat with pink cabbage roses.  Something like this, only bright yellow.  It totally hid one side of her face. She wore a yellow coat dress with offset buttons.  The buttons were the size of a silver dollar and each was a different color.  Her shoes were silver and her clutch purse was a beaded ecru.   She wore a huge yellow watch.  To complete this outfit she wore fuchsia Jackie O sunglasses.  This woman looked like something from the late 50's, about the time she was born. 

Vintage clothing is cool.  I love hats.  But this outfit was just over the top.  When the groom bent down to kiss her the hat nearly blocked him.  That would be why in the 50's and 60's I usually wore pillbox hats. 
The next fashion statement was gorgeous.  The groom's shirt and the bride's dress were the exact same color, brown.  Not just any brown, this brown was rich, soft, elegant.  When I saw them I flashed to when I was around 6 or 7 years old.  My piano recital dress was the same brown.  I loved that dress. Back to the wedding.  The brown was almost a milk chocolate but better, lighter.  It was like a cup of coffee with just a little cream in it.   The dress was a full skirt at knee length in the classic Greek style. The material was chiffon.  She wore a brown silk flower in her hair.
One note about this couple's wedding.  Their son was their ring bearer.  They had tied the rings onto a little satin pillow.  The son brought up the rings and they couldn't get them untied.  They worked and worked, the groom's mother came to help them.  I thought I would have to go get scissors next door.  Finally they untied the knots and we finished the ceremony.

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