Monday, November 19, 2012

Dispatches from the Marriage Factory: KIDS!

As promised, Joe has news from the Marriage Factory.  I have missed his posts.  Glad he finally had (as he said) noteworthy weddings.

Sorry I haven't written lately. The weddings have been nice, but not
noteworthy until this week. The hall is closed next Friday, so
perhaps many couples decided to take the plunge a week early. I did
10 ceremonies Friday morning, and the groups ranged from two (just the
couple) to a full house. The cutest wedding featured the bride,
groom, and their infant daughter, who was strapped to Mommy's chest in
one of these:
The little girl had just learned to blow raspberries, so the ceremony
was punctuated with slobbery lips. When she would get a little fussy,
Mom would rock back and forth a little. I found myself doing likewise
a couple times, and it always worked. I'll try that again next time
we have a fussy 5-year-old.

I always advise a couple to make a child part of the ceremony if they
like, or if there could be squirming and crying. In one of the other
ceremonies, a toddler became part of the wedding, and "helped" when
the rings were exchanged by grabbing Daddy's ring and hurling it to
the ground. Luckily, Daddy picked it up and put it on Mommy's finger,
and there you go - married!

Fashion update: two notable dresses this week: an old-fashioned
wedding dress - long-sleeved with lace decolletage - very lovely, and
a traditional Korean wedding dress like this:
- that looked kind of uncomfortable.

Best groom: the well-dressed nerd - cardigan, bow tie, and horn-rimmed
glasses, a la Pharrell Williams or Russell Westbrook.

Joe Mallon

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