Monday, November 5, 2012

Read a good book lately?

I am a voracious reader.  I always have a book near me.  Cooking, the book is ready for a quick page or too.  Waiting for an appointment, book with me.  Mindless TV, I am reading.  I have read books in the pool floating on a raft chair, in the tub, on trains, on planes, never in a moving car I throw up.  Waiting for couples wanting me to marry them, I am reading.  I faked illness as a child (I held the thermometer to the light bulb to give myself a low grade fever) in order to stay in bed all day and read.  I love books.

As a child I read the Bobbsey Twins, the dumbest books ever, the Hardy books, and my favorite Nancy Drew.  I belong to a mystery book group that meets weekly.  In fact while we are here in San Diego the group SKYPES me so I can still make the meetings.  From this information you have deducted I love mysteries.  

But I read other types of books.  I like vampires stories.  I like biographies.  I like tacky romance novels every now and then.  I do read a little dab of everything.  When someone in the book group recommends a book, I listen.  These people know way more about authors and good literature than I ever will. 

Rose Ann sent me an email about a book she thought I would like.  The book is Nothing Daunted by Dorothy Wickenden.  This is a nonfiction book that follows two young women during 1916 -1917.  Information about the two women is also written about the rest of their lives. Do click through on the link and look at the pictures and listen to the author telling about her grandmother.  Read the prologue, you will be hooked on this book.

Two society young women don't want to do the finishing school get married plan.  They want to have a real education, do good works, have fun.  And they do.  The main part of the book is about the year they taught in the rural area of northeastern Colorado. They leave society teas for dancing with cowboys. The book shows us the Western Frontier.  From letters they wrote home, oral history, newspaper clippings, and other historical sources, the author tells about this year. It is the history of the development of the West.

This is nonfiction that at times reads like a novel.  I think male or female will like this book.  Train derailments, mine accidents, romance, school marms, and a kidnapping.  Check it out.

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