Wednesday, November 21, 2012

We did the Trains again and other fun things

This is highlights of where we have taken Ann and Hank this week.  They landed Saturday on time.  Ann texted us they had landed, but were siting on the tarmac.  There was no empty gate for them to pull up to.  About 45 minutes later we got the text they were at the curb.  And then the fun began.

We had a lovely dinner that night with wine of course.  We talked, we laughed, we forced them to stay up to get on Pacific time.  The next morning the tourist stuff began.  We went to Balboa Park and saw sculptures, gardens, an art museum, went to an organ concert, and to everyone’s favorite the Model Train Museum.

Remember to click to enlarge the pictures.


Ann and Hank watching the trains.


Hank and Marty looking at the fun layout of a whole city and several different gauges of trains.

That night we had supper on the patio.  It was cool and we had a fire going for heat and for a more somber reason.


This is a worn out flag that Marty had replaced.  Hank     (retired military)  led us in respectful salutes and a quiet moment as we burned the flag.

Monday we took them to Point Loma.  We took the scenic route in order to see the Pacific.  Lots of waves, crashing waves, surfers and bouncing fishing boats.  I took lots and lots of pictures. I have edited myself and only putting up one picture of crashing waves.


This is my favorite.


Ann is looking out to sea.  Point Loma is surrounded by Navy and Coast Guard bases.  You can see some of the towers in the National Park.  We found that as long as we were in the Park, there was no cell phone reception.  We think the military jams the signals. 


This is what Ann is looking at.  At the base of the cliff is the new lighthouse and Coast Guard facility.  The islands in the haze are the Coronado Islands in Mexico. 


This time we drove up to the lighthouse.  My knee was so thankful.

We drove down to the little museum, watched a great movie on the migration of grey whales.  Then we walked out to the viewing area.  And we saw


. . .  a submarine coming into the base.  Click on this.  Even when subs are on top of the water, they are really low.  I have never seen a submarine at sea.  It was so exciting.  We had patrol boats getting other boats out of the way.  Helicopters were flying all around.


Even subs have to have tugs help them into port.  We think (educated guess) they are Coast Guard.


This is the submarine base.  In the middle at the top of the taller buildings you can see the sub turning into the dock area.  

This was Sunday and Monday.   Yesterday we visited Old Town.  I will try to post about that in the next couple of days.

Happy Thanksgiving to Everyone!

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kts said...

I love seeing and "sharing" in the fun times with you fantastic four! What a wonderful chance to have a wonderful time together.