Monday, May 27, 2013


I have a big birthday next week.  It is one with that awful zero at the end.  I am entering a decade that I guess will be exciting, so far each decade has been.  But California DMV has a rule, when you hit this decade you have to take a written driver's test.

I hate taking tests, especially a driver's test.  This is the only test as an adult that really counts.  If you blow this one, you end up walking.  As we have moved around from state to state, I have had to take a vision and written test.  I always pass, but I freak out.

I have been studying online for weeks.  I read, and read, and read the DMV handbook.  I took all the sample tests and the tutorial over and over.  The tutorial tests change every time you click on it.  I was ready, I hoped.  Thursday was my  appointment.

I picked a DMV office I had been to before, that was in a safe area, and that had free parking.  These were things this agoraphobic needed to slow down the panic attack that could strike.  I was taken on time for my appointment, the paper work went quickly, vision test, then another clerk took my picture and then handed me my test.  I thought for sure it would be on a computer like the tutorial.  Nope, a long piece of paper. There were 18 questions and I was allowed 3 errors. 

I started reading, The first one I knew I would miss, I just couldn't remember what was the legal limit of blood alcohol to get a DUI.  I guessed too low.  Then there were questions that had not been on the tutorial, and I am pretty sure not in the handbook.  I was starting to panic.  Deep breaths.  Calm down.  I finished the test.  I took my test back to the clerk and yay, I only missed one question.

I am good for 5 more years.  Then we do this all again.

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