Thursday, May 2, 2013

So, how's apartment living?

Marty and I have not lived in an apartment since spring of 1968.  Lots of houses over the years as we were transferred here there and yon.  January 2013 we moved into our apartment.  Lots of people ask, how is it, how are you doing, do you miss a house . . . ?  After four months here I think I can answer the questions.

First we really like this apartment.  It is the top floor of a Victorian that has lots of charm.  It is light filled because of 8 foot tall windows.  The rooms are large and there is, for an apartment, some storage, cause we got stuff.  We are happy here.  The landlord lets us drive nails in the walls and hang pictures and shelves.  He let us put a storage shed on the property.  We feel at home.

Of course we miss a house.  We could paint walls lovely colors. Our houses had more room, more storage, Air Conditioning, a washer and a dryer, better kitchens, professional stoves.  Did I mention I miss the AC?  It is bloody hot today, 90 right now.  And I don't do heat well.

Back to other things.  Living this close to the downstairs couple is not as intimate as we were with the neighbors in Rockridge.  We were urban there, we could hears their twin babies scream all day and night, with the windows closed.  And we could hear their doorbell and phone sometimes.

Owning a house means you fix it.  You get on the tall ladders and change the porch light bulbs that are sky high.  The sink leaks here, the landlord handles it.  Leaky faucets, landlord's problem.  Need new window screens, again the landlord handles it.  All that is a nice thing.  At our age we don't need to climb ladders, or crawl under sinks.

There is a convenience to being renters.  You have a lovely home but someone else has all the responsibility.  Right now renting is the best thing for us.  Maybe we will buy again, but we better win the lottery to pay people to pack us and move us.  I am sure our friends and son will not move us again.

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