Thursday, May 16, 2013

Ms. Appel thinks she is preshcious

My title is what one of the Kaiser first grade boys wrote about me this week.  You all understand I am a poor speller but that is his spelling not mine.

For workshop the whole class was doing picture writing.  They chose a picture taken at an event, glued it to the paper, and then wrote about the specific picture or the event in general.  This time they were doing a follow up on a visit from Ranger James. This took place in January 30, so some details were a little fuzzy for all of us.  I got my phone and pulled up my blog post to help. Was it a gecko, a salamander, or a newt Ms. H held?  It was a live newt.

We all remembered the Ranger blindfolded Ms. H and had her identify objects by touch and asking yes and no questions.  I told the children I would have thrown the live newt and run screaming from the room.  They all thought that was funny.

I was walking around helping where needed and saw my picture on one of the papers.  N had written:  Ms. Appel would have thrown the newt.  She would have run away screaming.  Ms. Appel thinks she is preshcious.  I asked him what that meant and he said, "You said you're precious."  I have no idea what I said to have him come up with precious.  It is his story so I left and moved on to the next child.

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